June 7, 2023
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Bama.hu – BUDAPEST, Puskás Akadémia FC knocked out the visiting Újpest FC 5-1 on Sunday, in the 24th round of the football OTP Bank League, thereby moving to the third step of the podium and a spot in Europe.

The Puskás Academy, fighting for the podium, got off to a good start and quickly took the lead through Marius Corbu. 

The Felcsúti team continued to attack, mainly through Colley and Corbu, but no more goals were scored thanks to the heroics of the goalkeeper Nikolic. 

Újpest, escaping from relegation, was passive in attack throughout the first half, posing little threat to the home side’s goal.

In the second half, the visitors had more opportunities to score goals in a quarter of an hour than in the first half. Nonetheless, the Puskás Academy tripled its advantage in minutes, Lamin Colley scored his first and second NB I goals. 

Újpest completely disintegrated, which was clearly indicated by the situation before the fourth goal. The ball bounced off the goalpost and into the middle, and striker Luciano Slagveer easily slotted into the empty goal. 

Substitute Shahab Zahedi restored the four-goal difference for Puskas late in the game and set the final result.

Highlights: https://m4sport.hu/videok/puskas-akademia-ujpest-5-1/

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