April 13, 2024

Queiroz blasts Kaffashian, Ghalenoei, Kranjcar on TV [VIDEO]

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Persianfootball.com – TEHRAN, Iran boss Carlos Queiroz blasted famous club coaches Amir Ghalenoei of Esteghlal and Zlatko Kranjcar of Sepahan on Iranian state television on Friday, also heavily criticizing Esteghlal chairman Fatollazadeh and Iranian football federation (IFF) president Kaffashian.

The successful national team coach explained the reasons behind canceling the initially scheduled training camp in South Africa in April, mentioning his disappointment of Iranian key players joining Arab Persian Gulf clubs and also stressing the difference in quality between Asian and European league football – with Iran’s World Cup opposition’s players mostly playing in the latter – and the the importance of an additional camp to improve the domestic key players’ form in regards to World Cup.

The Portuguese then once more addressed the controversial topic of league and AFC Champions League scheduling, heavily criticitzing Esteghlal’s Ghalenoei and Fatollazadeh as well as Sepahan’s Krancjar for demanding to comply with FIFA rules and not prematurely take the domestic players to training camps.

Compliance with FIFA rules would not bring Iran forward in the quest to impress at world stage, whereas league boss Mehdi Taj’s poor league scheduling and IFF boss Kaffashian’s lack of support for the Iranian national team against the club interests are all but helpful.

Below you can watch the video of Queiroz’s emotional appearance on Iranian national TV in English and Farsi from PFDC TV.