October 1, 2022


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Exclusive interview with William Atashkadeh

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Persianfootball.com – GÖTEBORG, PersianFootball.com website has performed an exclusive interview with the newly atashkadeh-winvited Iranian-Swedish forward player who recently joined Team Melli on a call by Carlos Queiroz, William Philip Siros Atashkadeh who lives in Göteborg, Sweden. Below you can find this interview in full.

1) Can you shortly sum up your playing career so far, starting as a kid until now?
I have been playing football since I was four years old. I started at a small club called Azalea BK and then moved to IFL Göteborg. I  stayed in their academy for eight years and went up to the first team in 2009, where I stayed until 2010 before I moved to Örebro SK in January 2011.

2) How would you describe your playing style today? What are your strengths and which positions can you play?Exklusiv-intervju-med-William-Atashkadeh
I’m am a fast and technically good player and a good goalscorer. I usually play as classic number 9 striker, or in a slightly deeper number 10 role.

3) Where do you see potential of improvement?
I think I can still improve in every department.

4) Do you speak Farsi?
I understand almost everything and I can talk a little bit myself. But I’m learning and soon will be able to speak fluently.

5) How often have you been to Iran?
Unfortunatley I have never found the time to visit Iran. But it has always been on mind going there.

6) Where is the Iranian part of your family from and based now?
Khorramshahr and Tehran.

7) Do you follow Iranian football?
Not too closely, but I know about some things such as the huge rivalry between Esteghlal and Persepolis.

8) Which current or former players you admire?
I like Lionel Messi a lot and also Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Two very different players that you can learn from a lot.

9) Are you fan of a certain Iranian club?
No, not yet. But of course I have heard about the Tehran derbies. It must be amazing to play in front of so many people!

10) You once were quoted by Swedish media that playing for Sweden would be the most logical choice, but now william-atashkadeh77you opted for Iran. Was this a false quote, did you change your mind or did you simply realize you would not be able to earn a national team call-up from Sweden, like some critics suggest?
I never closed the door to Iran. But both national teams were having their eyes on me and I wanted to keep all options open. While there was no invitation from Sweden yet, Carlos Queiroz was showing true interest and of course I am honored and decided to take my chances. I think it s a good opportunity for me as player to be in the Iranian national team.

11) What are your aims with the national team?
To qualify for the World Cup and the Asian Cup.

12) In the current 4-3-3 system, where would you feel comfortable?
I would be most comfortable as a number 9, the central striker, but we have other good players at that position also.

13) Would playing for Iran’s u-23 (Olympic) team be an option? Or would traveling be too much of a problem throughout the season?
Of course that would be a option too if I will be called up and if it does not collide with my club duties.

14) Have you talked to Omid Nazari ahead of joining Team Melli?
No, I haven’t yet talked to him.

15) How were you welcomed and how was the spirit of the team?
I was very welcomed and every one helped me a lot. The players were very nice and friendly.

16) How do you generally rate the strength of Iranian football in comparison to Swedish football for example? Are there major differences in certain aspects of the game (technique, tactical discipline, etc.)?
I think the players in Iran are technically better than the Swedish players. But the Swedes are more physical. There have been a lot of Iranian players in Europe which have had a good career. I don’t know about the tactical and discipline because I haven’t seen so much yet.

17) Iran is in a difficult situation after the loss to Uzbekistan. How do you rate the chances to still qualify for Brazil 2014?IMG_4492
The group is still alive and I think and hope Iran can finish off strong. That would be a big thing for the fans and country.

18) There’s also a life after World Cup, is playing the Asian Cup in Australia in 2015 also a dream for you?
Playing with the national team has always been a dream so every match when you represent your nation is a dream come true and you have to enjoy.

19) Is there anything else you want to tell the readers of Persianfootball.com and the Iranian football fans at all?
I wish them a happy new year. I hope I can show the people of Iran on the field who I am and that we play for them. So your support is important because football would be nothing without the supporters. Peace and love. Thank you!

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