June 19, 2024

FIFA confirms depiction of Asiatic Cheetah on Iran jersey

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Persianfootball.com – TEHRAN, FIFA gave green light to Uhlsport officials to print a symbol of an Asiatic Cheetah on Team Melli jersey.

Uhlsport officials had to travel to Zurich to secure FIFA confirmation twenty four hours before the ceremony that reveals the Persian Cheetah symbol.

The ceremony took place this Saturday February 1, 2014 at 8:00 pm at Olympic hotel in Tehran in the presence of Iran’s minister of sport Dr Godarzi.

Many famous Iranian football figures and artists attended the ceremony among which Kafashian, Estilli, Teymourin. Ansarifard, Mashayekhi are included. For details of the people who attended the meeting please visit http://www.navad.net/NewsContent.aspx?NewsID=89519.

Reportedly, Carlos Queiroz Team Melli head coach did not participate in the ceremony.

Uhlsport will print the symbol of Persian Cheetah on Team Melli jersey when Iran plays in the finals of the World Cup 2014 Brazil.