Carlos Queiroz angry at worthless comments

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6,728 views – JOHONNESBURG, Team Melli (TM) condition in South Africa and continues media comments against TM technical staff has frustrated Carlos Queiroz the head coach of Iran’s national football team.

As reported by ISNA, while only 53 days left to the start of World cup 2014 and the South African camp was supposed to be an important part of TM preparation but the initiated negative environment has caused headache in TM camp.

Reportedly, the negative comments made by Iranian media against TM and Queiroz forced Portuguese to react strongly.

Carlos believes he and TM are left alone against worthless media attack and there is no one to protect and support them.

Under the circumstances, it is not clear what kind of decisions the Portuguese will make within the next few days.

The hope is that the induced negative environment in TM camp will not end up hunting Team Melli chances in the World cup 2014 Brazil.

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