PGPL: Lessons to Learn

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Tehran Times – TEHRAN, This Season in Iran is going to end after 6 Matches, but if there will be not a Miracle, then Persepolis will be the next Champion.

It’s surprising that in a League with only 16 Teams the Champion is clear so early, this shows the great Performance of Persepolis , but also some mistakes of the other big Teams.

Persepolis played all the Season on a high Level , but the biggest Rival Tractor Sazi Tabriz had some up and downs. This downs costs Tractor too much points in the end of the Championship. For me, was Tractor the biggest Rival of Persepolis from beginning , because they have a very experienced team, from manager, coach till the players.

Esteghlal started very bad, but now they are on a good way. Especially the win against Al Saad was very important, now they have a high self-confidence.

In the end of this Season, there was not so much surprises, the Teams are on the Positions which was expected from the beginning. Positive surprise is again Esteghlal Khuzestan; they lost a lot of important Players but still they played a good season and started great in AFC Champions League.

On the other side, Saipa and Sepahan were expected to fight for AFC Champions League places, but couldn’t reach this Performance.

Machine Sazi made a lot of good transfers but couldn’t make a team of this individuals. Now, they are in a difficult situation.

I hope the Clubs will read this Season well and learn lessons from this Season. Persepolis started the current season to build a new Team, they supported their coach full and the coach put this year the Missing Players for his System in the Team. They made a higher rivalry in the team and got a higher Performance. The result is a Great Season for Persepolis.

Therefore, Clubs need to trust their coach who is going to build a new Team. It needs time. Look at Alireza Mansourian, he made a new Team, the Players need time to adapt and in the beginning of the Season they had bad results. At that time many people ask Mansourian to be sacked as coach, but now some months later The Players adapt and the Team get good results!

For sure, if Mansourian can get the Missing Players for his System, Esteghlal will play next Season for the Championship.

What I mean is that to improve your Football, you need long term Plans. If you have a good Coach who shows you a Long Term Plan, then support him, even if he has bad results in the Beginning but of course only if he is a Good Coach with a logical Plan. Don’t live only for Today, think for the Future !

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