VA project in Ardabil launched

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vision_iran_3x2AFC – ARDABIL, The Vision Iran-Project Ardabil was officially launched on October 7, 2010, paving the way for the improvement of football in the province.

The opening ceremony was held at the Hossein Rezadeh Indoor Hall, Ardabil City, and was attended by several dignitaries including General Governor Yousef Akbari, Managing Director of Ardabil TV Broadcasting Station Abolhassan Sadeghi Jahani, General Manager of Physical Education Organisation Tofiq Kaboli and President of Ardabil FA Farhang Rahimi.

Akbari said Ardabil City was happy to receive the visit by AFC Vision Asia (VA) officials to assist football development in the province.

“Our aims are to encourage people in Ardabil to be attracted to football and develop football activities toward championships.

“Football brings all stakeholders and people close to each other and bring about solidarity. We believe, through the VA programme, Ardabil football will have a brilliant future. We are ready to support this programme to achieve the main aims.”

After the speech, AFC officials made their presentation, followed by the FA’s presentation on the current situation in Ardabil province.

Meanwhile, Kaboli said Ardabil province is one of the most beautiful provinces and it has a good position in sport and science in Iran.

“Ardabil’s infrastructure includes appropriate facilities and equipment for football development. We hope to follow up on the VA programme to improve football in Ardabil,” he said.

Rahimi said people in Ardabil are aware that other provinces under the Vision Asia programme have created a positive change to their football.

“Visions Isfahan and Fars have improved football in their provinces. We really believe in the President of AFC Mohammed Bin Hammam’s comments that Asia has potential to develop and that the future is Asia.

“In Ardabil province, we have precious potential like Ali Daei to be introduced to football in Iran and Asia. We are also interested in following up on the VA programme and establishing modern structure. This will be achieved if we work as a team,” aspired Rahimi.

Jahani pledged his station’s cooperation with the FA on the AFC programme.

“We will try our best to assist the FA to succeed in the Vision Asia programme since we believe in team work.

“Ardabil football has great potential to improve. We hereby announce our readiness to cooperate with the FA on this great programme,” he said.

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