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Alireza Jahanbakhsh @ Brighton & Hove Albion | 2018-2019

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    Originally posted by daggerhashimoto View Post
    They sell non Nike gear on their sitd. I'm getting a polo shirt. Look really nice. I love the seagull
    I would love to have their jersey with his name on it but them being sponsored by Nike is not making it easy for me
    An Iranian wearing a Nike jersey on which it says: American Express. Trump must love it! I know i d



        Originally posted by Tehranto View Post
        I wonder how much ARJ is making a year ... hopefully a lot!
        Guess is that his contract is worth 15m euro befire taxes


          Originally posted by Ab-Gosht View Post
          Guess is that his contract is worth 15m euro befire taxes
          Lol, he wished. Unless you meant for the whole 5 years.


            To the people who keep bringing up the Israeli team mate issue:

            You either are too young or too unaware of Iranian (political) issues.

            For the young ones: there was a day when an Iranian player called Andranik Teymourian was playing in the EPL for a team called Bolton Wanderers. In those days he has 2 Israeli teammates too. No problem whatever.

            For people who don't know much about Iran: the Iranian government does not acknowledge Isreal as a state. Hence, it doesn't allow it's athletes compete with people who represent a country that they don't acknowledge (although not explicitly, but you'll get in trouble if you deviate from this unspoken rule. See Shojaei's issue). So there's no problem with working with people from Israel.

            Now stop bringing this up as with most cases the people (like you who are making an issue out of it and pointing it out the whole time) are a “kaseye daghtar az ash” than the government and the authorities. Ever heard of things related to sleeping dogs and such?


              Originally posted by Arshia42 View Post
              Thanks for this info, I will definitely look into it as £5 a month sounds very reasonable. By the way, are there any good videos or pieces you recommend that can give a good overview of the current state of your team? I know about gross, Izquierdo and the likes but I'd like to learn more about perhaps the defensive players, their strengths, weaknesses, etc.. maybe like a season review sort of thing if that's available? I already watched "a journey from nowhere" and it was great, really inspiring. thanks again and welcome!
              A good question.


              Amex 0017sm.jpg

              Glenn Murray : Anthony Knockaert : Bruno : Pascal Groß : Lewis Dunk

              Bruno (RB) is the legend, captain with star quality. Assets: composure on the ball, reading the game, hard to beat, cutting out crosses.
              Lewis Dunk (CH) is the central defender and player most likely to be coveted by other Premier League sides, without becoming a regular for a top 6 side
              Anthony Knockaert (inverted RW) is a tricky player with an eye for goal, but not blessed with blistering pace
              Glenn Murray, an ageing striker who was never blessed with pace, a knack of scoring goals
              Shane Duffy: the big centre half who is meant to cut out all the high balls and does quite well at defending
              Dale Stephens (midfield) an all around midfielder who plays in a defensive role and is an automatic starter


              Formation 4-4-1-1 and close, always four at the back
              Style: deep defence, selective pressing
              Strong: defending from open play
              Weak: defending from set pieces


                Originally posted by Ab-Gosht View Post
                Guess is that his contract is worth 15m euro befire taxes

                Posted on BH&A official FB

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                Remember RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT & Zob Ahan



                  Chris Hughton Tactics:


                  Seagulls Player


                    what is his jersey number any idea ?


                      Highlights of BHA are also available on you tube if you want to have a fish about. Here are some highlights from last season.

                      Montage of our season. Love the "am i watching Brighton or Barcelona" comment on 3.20


                      Our wonderful win over the Arsenal.


                      When we sealed our next seasons place in the PL.


                      Welcome to the BHAFC family. #Together.



                        I never had a truly favourite Premier League club. I know I have one now.

                        Looking forward to visiting Brighton in the near future.


                          when is he expected to start training ?


                            Need to know his number ... wanna order both shirts ... look sick.


                              I hope he retire with AZ or NEC when's like 33+ years old.


                                I want to know his number and what his name will appear in the back .. will it be alireza or jahanbakhsh