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PFDC : Best Hangout for Iranian Football Fans help


Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.


General Rules:


1/ Due to the global nature of our forums, it is not always possible for PFDC management to moderate forums in a prompt and timely fassion.Although PFDC has distributed the moderating force across all time zones, shortcomings beyond our control can be experienced.We ask our members to be patient if you have been offended in anyways before we can deal with certain matter.


2/ Each member is allowed one membership at a time.Duplicate accounts are not permitted.Once depicted, both accounts will be cancelled.


3/ The minimum personal information required for registration are as follows:


a)    Location of your residence ( At least the country you live in)

b)    Date of Birth (At least the year of your birth)

c)    Active participation of at least one post per 6 months


Any registration lacking these minimum requirements will be cancelled immediately.


4/ Multi Media Forum(MMF) was formed in appreciation of the members who help PFDC’s existence as a free service in one way or another especially by , but not limited to, financial contributions.Currently,MMF is the only area in PFDC which is access restricted.


5/ PFDC Management Crew reserve the rights to move or remove any post that is either unrelated to the purpose of the forum or is provocative in nature or is simply considered to be useless or senseless in its content.


6/ Any matters pertaining to the website rules, regulations, policies, requests, should be directed via PM. Do not use the boards to ask questions regarding these matters. If the answer cannot be found in the forum rules or any other such documented source PM a staff member and they shall get back to you promptly.


Specific Rules:




1/ No profanity, use of vulgar language or inappropriate or sexually oriented comments are allowed in your posts or signature.


2/ No labeling or inappropriate attributions toward any PFDC member or political/Non-Political figure,current or past members of Iran’s national football squad is allowed in your posts or signature.


3/ Any inappropriate comments against any Persian/Non-Persian communities or organizations are not allowed in your posts or signature.


4/ Any disagreement or criticisms against the duties of PFDC’s Management Crew is not allowed in general public forums. Such issue should be directed to any PFDC staff as Private Message for a prompt and personal response regarding that matter.


5/ Since Private Messaging is part of PFDC’s community and our purpose is to keep this community as a healthy environment for positive constructive and civilized discussions and debates, we will not allow any of the points under A/1,2,3,4 to happen in Private Messaging.Any documented complaints will be taken into consideration.




1/ Any inappropriate Racial Comments towards a certain minority or majority groups or community is not tolerated in your posts or signature.


2/ Any inappropriate reference or comments towards a certain Faith or Religion or ethnic groups are not tolerated in your posts or signature.




1/ Unauthorized advertising of any kind is strictly forbidden in your posts or signatures.


2/ Any links to any Video Clips, Live or Recorded Internet TV webcasts are strictly forbidden in your posts or signature.Such links, however, is allowed in MMF.


3/ Any "Exclusive" news or articles (Most front Page Contents) from similar Persian Sporting Websites (Does not include domestic media and newspapers) as a post in any forum is strictly forbidden.Any article or news piece which is "Not Exclusive" can only be posted if you mention the "original author's " name without the name of the site being mentioned.


4/ Any news or article from Foreign or Domestic Media (Newspapers and Publications) and Foreign Websites are allowed only by mentioning the source.Articles or news pieces without the source being mentioned will be deleted and the member will be warned.




1/PFDC, being a general public forum does not allow the posting of uncouth pictures, using of uncouth avatars (read as porn pictures, sexually explicit images or icons/animations, be it softcore or hardcore) or the usage of distasteful nicks (as determined or deemed to be so by the Admin or Moderators of the forum).


2/ Any post or Signature containing Pictures, images or text that promotes messages of Violence, hate or provokes an unwanted fight is strictly forbidden.




No game results are allowed in your Thread title and content.If the threads objective is to offer the result of a game an [R] sign is compulsory in the thread title to warn the readers of the intentions for the thread.




By “Spamming” we simply mean “needless posts”.

These include, but not limited to:


1/ Opening multiple threads for the same subject

2/ Posting just for the sake of posting

3/ Questions directed to another member


We take spamming very seriously.




1/ Our official languages accepted in all forums are English and Farsi(Persian).PFDC management reserves the right to remove any posts containing languages other than the two above.




Breeching any of the rules and regulations stated above will result in Warnings, temporary banning or permanent cancellation of your membership in PFDC.The degree of sanction is completely at our own discretion.




This may all sound like a lot of do's and don'ts. But it can be boiled down to the simple principles of kindness, courtesy, and respect for others . If you keep to these principles, you probably won't have any problems with our rules and regulations.


Our objective is to create a community where members can discuss and debate various issues in a civilized manner.Our non-filtered forums is open to general public being from different age groups, ethnic and religious and political background.Therefore, keeping this environment accessible and readable to all these variants is our responsibility and we do not compromise at all.


Remember that Persia is among the very few ancient civilized nations in the world.It is every Persian’s and ,for that matter, Non-Persian visitors of this community’s sole responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations and continue to be exemplary for the greatness of Persia and its culture and civilization.


Long Live Iran

Long Live Team Melli

And Finally,

Long Live “Persian Gulf”


PFDC Management