Rio Ave striker Taremi promotes campaign to help Iran fight covid-19

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191 views – RIO, The movement promoted by the striker will bring 80,000 masks to his country over the next month

Mehdi Taremi has lived days of anguish with the spread of the new coronavirus, taking into account that Iran, his country, has been one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, with more than thirty thousand registered cases and more than two thousand confirmed deaths. . Despite being closed at home, in Vila do Conde, a striker is involved in a solidarity campaign that has already allowed him to gather funds that made it possible to get to his hometown, Bushehr, the help needed in these difficult times.

«This outbreak of covid-19 can be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about an illness can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults or children. Knowing how to deal with this stress will make people and the community stronger. Leaving aside things that we cannot control, makes us more focused where we can really make a difference », starts by telling, in a conversation published on the Rio Ave website.

The striker has completed his period of isolation at home, following the recommendations given to him by the club, but he has plenty of time to do other things. «Self-isolation has also been a great opportunity to watch some of my favorite movies, play online with friends or learn to cook. And it was during these days at home, and following the news of what was also happening in Iran, that I decided to start a campaign two weeks ago, inviting some people to join me in order to help increase the production of masks in the places where they need it most, with the aim of fighting the pandemic ”.

A campaign that will allow 20,000 masks to be delivered to Bushehr, with as many distributed weekly next month, making a total of about 80,000, as Taremi explained. «Regarding the support provided, we already have eight support spaces for patients infected with the new coronavirus, properly equipped, and which will be available to the population. In addition, we guarantee the distribution of twenty thousand protective masks, per week, for a month, in Bushehr, my hometown and neighboring villages ”, he says.

Living in Portugal, far from her family, Mehdi Taremi revealed that she maintains daily contact with Iran. “Even though we cannot be physically together, there are always social networks. It is important to be connected with the family, even at a distance, and to know how they are doing. I am fortunate that I still have no family or friends infected with covid-19. They are all already in isolation at home. And I advise everyone in the world, and especially here in Portugal, where I am, to follow the recommendations of the authorities and protect themselves and others, ”he said.

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