December 2, 2023

Iran complains to FIFA against South Korea’s football association [VIDEO]

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7,101 views – TEHRAN, Iran’s football federation IRIFF  has sent an official complaint to FIFA against South Korea’s football association due to the behavior of the Korean crowd for throwing glass bottles at the Iranian Team Melli players after Iran beat South Korea in Korea to grab a direct birth alongside Korea for 2014 world cup in Brazil.

Under the watchful eye of FIFA observers, when the world Cup qualifier between S Korea and Iran ended 0-1 for Iran, Korean fans were throwing glass and plastic water bottles at Iranian national team players.

Also, It has been observed that S Korean coaching staff threw a couple of punches at Iranian reserve keeper Sosha Makani, when he was celebrating Iran’s win.

Therefore to protest the dangerous behavior by Korean crowd at Ulsan stadium, Iran’s football federation IFF has complained in writing to FIFA.

In this letter, IFF has provided documented evidence in support of their claim. Below you can find a video of this incident.