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Alireza Jahanbakhsh @ Brighton & Hove Albion | 2018-2019

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    Anyone that knows EPL knows any of the bottom 10 teams can beat one another, this was just one of those games, on another day Brighton would beat WhatFor? 4-0, so Keep Calm and Carry on!
    Long Live 3 Rang'e Iran


      Well that sucks , he didn’t even get any screen time on Match of the Day.


        Originally posted by Medzdidz View Post
        Well that sucks , he didn’t even get any screen time on Match of the Day.
        He got plenty. Even the photographer snapped a few of him. Check out last 5 pictures or so.

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          Originally posted by GolfePersique View Post
          Come on guys. All this negativism after only one game?
          We all know BHA ain't no manchester or Chelsea. Let's wait anther 6-7 weeks before judging them.
          EPL is not an easy competition and most teams outside the big6 play their best at home games. I am sure we will see a much better team after all these new signing like ARJ, Bissouma, etc will get to know each other.
          Let's enjoy that our boy celebrated his 25th Birthday with a debut in PL!
          Good luck to BHA and Alireza!

          Fulham at home on the first of September is already looking like a bottom of the table clash.

          Watford game assessment
          Bernardo said, “They (Watford) were better than us - stronger, faster and smarter. They fully deserved to win. We need to improve because if we play like that in our next matches, it won’t be an easy season.
          “The new players have settled in very well with the team. [Yves] Bissouma had a good match and Ali [Jahanbakhsh] is also a fantastic player.

          “Bruno is a very important player, and when he’s not playing, that’s not good for us. It could have been an influence, but it wasn’t the main reason for our defeat.”


            Originally posted by Payam_Ali View Post
            2-3 days. I live in California
            you used fast express curior?


              ^ LOL, ffs.


                Anyone here planning on going to the ManU game next weekend?


                  Originally posted by kobekarimi88 View Post
                  Anyone here planning on going to the ManU game next weekend?
                  Season ticket holder. Anyone going to the Amex for the first time needs travel advice from locals. Please ask.



                    "Jahanbakhsh sees brighter times for Albion

                    Alireza Jahanbakhsh believes Albion will have “good days” when their new-look squad settles.

                    The Iran international was one of two debutants, along with Yves Bissouma, to come off the bench during the second half of the 2-0 defeat at Watford.

                    Bernardo started while Leon Balogun and David Button were on the bench.

                    Florin Andone and Martin Montoya are still not available after summer moves from Spain and Jose Izquierdo has also yet to get into the action.

                    Jahanbakhsh said: “Every team needs time to get used to each other.

                    “We have four or five new players, maybe more.

                    “Most of the guys who played (yesterday) had played together last year.

                    “Me and Bissou went on in the second half.

                    “But it is just the beginning of the season.

                    “I think there are going to be good days for us.

                    “We have quality players, a good manager and a good group.”"



                      Grading every Premier League debutant from opening weekend (including ARJ).


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                        Originally posted by Hoorad View Post
                        In their words: "We have the 8th best defense in the Premier League."
                        We conceded the 8th least goals in the Premier League last season.

                        That does not mean we will concede the 8th least this season but when you made your claim previously it was factually inaccurate.

                        On average we conceded 1.5 goals per away game last season (11 teams conceded more that that on average away).

                        Concededing 2 to Watford doesn't mean we suddenly have a terrible defence.

                        Perhaps our defence will be poor this season - but it's too soon to draw such conclusions.


                          Originally posted by Farhad21 View Post
                          Got benched on a weak team, could have gone to leicester city
                          I think they will get relegated this season
                          Our record away from home last season.

                          Won 2.
                          Drew 5.
                          Lost 12.

                          We stayed up fairly comfortably.

                          The 15th worst record in the league had 14 points away (3 more than us). That is the ball park area that we will be.

                          So we are 0-0-1. Pffft, another 18 away games to go. It's disappointing to lose to Watford but it's very difficult away from home in the PL.


                            Originally posted by inarsenewetrust View Post
                            wasnt their some that said pouraliganji isnt as good as brightons defenders. LOL.
                            I was of the view before that he should have gone to leicester, just a way better team, and he would have started if just played decent, regardless of the "vibe" he got from them. Now he is on a way inferior team...
                            Anyways, hopefully hughton cuts the bullshit and just plays the best players from here on our. Montoya, Jahanbakhsh, Bissouma, Locadia/Andone all need to start, and bong,stephens,march,murray need to be quickly benched.

                            "Hughton said: "I've got no complaints with the result. We lost out in most departments.

                            "We never had anywhere near enough of an effect on the game which allows you to get a result away from home.

                            "No excuses. We have a system that we play and the players that played know the system very well."

                            If you start all of the new players, you end up getting criticised for making two many changes, the players not knowing each other and needing time to learn each others game and the system etc.

                            Andone is injured. Montoya has only just signed and hasn't even had a day training with the team. Jahanbakhsh has very little time playing pre-season or we have our players. Bissouma is young and has to compete with a very established midfield trio. Locadia was injured in pre-season at Wimbledon and only had a weeks training before the game, competing against Murray who did very well for us last season.

                            Bong started benched. It was unfortunate we lost Bruno to injury.
                            Stephens is one of our most important players. I can't find the stat to hand but our W/D/L record with him in or not in the team is crazy.
                            March will not be starting week in, week out. Everyone knows that.
                            Easy to say Murray should be benched when Locadia did nothing for us last season and we've never seen Andone play. Murray is decent enough but we'll certainly be hoping Andone/Locadia can step it up and prove to be an upgrade.


                              Originally posted by TAJ_LIVERPOOL View Post
                              With all due respect to the Brighton fans on this forum it almost makes me cringe to see one JB play for Brighton. The guy was the top scorer in eredevise last season with double digit assists. The year before that he was the best winger in the league, two years before that in NEC he was the best player of the second division. This kid has proven himself year after year in the Netherlands but the best team that seriously wanted him is Brighton. What have we done as a culture to deserve this?
                              With all due respect to you, the Eredivisie is not a strong competition. It is nothing to do with your culture. There have been so many players that have come from Eredivisie to England and failed that clubs see it as a gamble.


                                Originally posted by Taz View Post
                                I don't kmow what's more painful for my eyes, having to watch a Hughton side at an away game or watchig the kneejerk reactions in here.
                                He got 20 minutes in the prem in the team's first game to test the water and experience what it's like. Watford away is the Wet and Windy Tuesday Night at Stoke of the prem these days, a team filled with geezers who wouldn't look out of place headlining the next UFC event. You can't make clear judgements on any player or team this early on in the season but get used to watching Brighton set up so negatively, particularly away from home. At least it still beats having to watch that shite we know as the Eredivisie.
                                It is possible that I am over thinking it - but from someone who watched every match in person last season - and was there on Saturday.

                                It felt to me like we were trying to press higher - did you guys notice Gross was virtually level with Murray pressing their centre backs - did you notice how we pushed 3 men forward to deter the goalkeeper passing out from the back?

                                It also felt like we had bigger spaces between our players, in terms of width and in terms of defence-midfield-forwards. So it felt like our midfielder were further up, and our forwards further up. I believe the intention of this was to try and impose ourselves on Watford more. To try and use our own qualities more and to essentially evolve the team from last season.

                                Last season, we were more likely to have 11 completely behind the ball and we'd really frustrate the opposition. It felt to me that by trying to evolve our game a little this season rather than frustrate we just encouraged Watford because they could find more space to hurt us in.

                                Perhaps I'm looking for something that isn't there, but that was my takeaway from it.