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    According to TM's telegram account, from now on all of TM's camps will take place 4 days before games. So basically no camps any longer.


      Originally posted by Nokhodi View Post
      According to TM's telegram account, from now on all of TM's camps will take place 4 days before games. So basically no camps any longer.
      Ya CQ did say that in his most recent interview.He also pretty much shitted on Branko and GN too.If our NT doesn't qualify he said both those two coaches can be the two to answer any questions.He was also saying how can a foreign coach interven in NT manners of a country.Only in Iran!!!شی-اخیر


        we need camps, and is simple, our clubs cant train the players and are not sync with each other. is a sad story to hear


          He is just playing mind games with IFF and the IPL coaches

          You will see we will have a 2 week camp before the Qatar match


            Originally posted by sarbaz View Post
            The bottom line is that both sides are correct in what they are saying

            TM is very important but the clubs need their players too

            This will be solved easily m TM will have a 2 week camp before the Qatar game and I believe we will be fine
            Yes Clubs are important but national team has priority over any club. Perspolis is preparing for another season at IPL but Iran is preparing for WORLD CUP.

            The joy that I get from a win by TM can not be compared with a win of Sepahan or Perspolis over any IPL team. The joy of world cup qualification is 100 times better than any IPL league title by Sepahan or Perspolis.


              Dear friends,

              As you all know recently Mr. Branko visited IFMARC. At an official Iran Federation infrastructure, and even assuming he could not be aware of all the information, Mr. Branko choose to speak for the Press and produce unfounded serious accusations. At that place, Mr. Banko decided to throw the rocks and hide his hand. As the gentleman we thought he was, we can only be disappointed and surprised.

              Misinformed or just being malicious, Mr. Branko decided to mislead all the Iranians about player’s medical tests. But he did more. Mr. Branko tried to put me against Iranian clubs insinuating that I would have any interest or influence in the League competition. In the end, Mr. Branko also choose to be the head of a group that, against all the agreements, decided not to allow Iranian players to attend National Team Camp’s, for all previously considered crucial to the World Cup preparation.

              I would like to ask all the Iranian people to be aware of this misleading campaign. To defend the proper National Team work and the player´s international growth and experience should be a National commitment. Make no mistake: to prepare a proper National Team working plan, for us, is to plan having in mind the respect for clubs and players. Our professional way and great respect for all Iranian clubs and fans does not allow us to do the opposite.

              However, the fact is that after Mr. Branko words, all the Iranian National Team planning aproaved by the Federation President, Federation Board and the Board League was cancelled. This seriously jeopardizes our World Cup preparation.

              Mr. Branko will have the time to explain all the Iranian fans (including all the fantastic Persepolis supporters) his way of defending Iranian Football. Also, Mr. Branko will have the time to public apologize the Federation President, Federation and League Board, and also all the fans (Persepolis fans included) for his misleading and inappropriate words.
              Until there we will try to understand at the Football Federation how it is possible that a person can implode all the best National interests…
              To my dear and loyal Team Melli Fans,

              My heart and my best wishes.

              Carlos Queiroz


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                its very sad to see that every one is turning against him. most of them lives in iran. Chera mardon nemifahman ke man team melli alman ya Italia nistim ke faghat 3 roz ghabl az mosabeghe bezarim tm dore ham jaam beshan. vaghean sharmavare ke mardom teame perspolis ya esteghlal barashon mohemtar az teame mellie. man khodam perspolisiam vali Tm baram ye arzeshe dige dare. Yani to CL asia bazi kardan az jame jahani mohemtare? hala khobe hich ghalati ham nemikonim to CL. miljard miljard pole invar onvar mikonan vali ye zamine dorost hesabi to in mamlekat nist. inam az vaziate estadiumamon. sakohaye azadi hamashon kapak zadan o tarak khorde va ab az hame ja micheke o tabagheye dovom betone bedone sandali vali bejash footbale ma pole alaki be bazikonaye gheyre herfeyi midan. Adam vaghean az vaziate footbale iran anesh migire. ye mosht maffia rikhtan to footbal hame be fekre khodeshonan. ridam be perspolis o esteghlalo sepahano hame teamaye iran o fedrasiume fotball ke ye mosht kasife darande daran footbale maro micharkhonan..


                  so stupid. fuck branko.

                  Branko just grabbed the lions tail, CQ will destroy branko now.

                  Branko should have just kept his ego in check and not been such a bitch.
                  AKP Parti, Turkiye - Haj Bernie Sandersoglu


                    Branko is pushed and encouraged by Iranian coaches who had no bal to do this, so they asked stupid moron Branko to lead this. Who gives a sh.. about PP? Plus none of the other usual coaches like Mansourian, Yahya, Veisi, Kamalvand said anything. It was Bronko and Ghale Gohi.
                    In fact the SS coach said there is no color above TM.
                    I never was a fan of any club, but with what Mansourian has done, I will hope for PP to loose all their games and SS wins all of them.


                      Branko is 100% right here.
                      CQ thinks he can do whatever he wants through 'Gholdori' and no one is allowed to criticise him!


                        A very harsh response from Ali Karimi in regards to CQ insults -
                        "Ali Karimi doesn't understand anything about football, but I'm sure it's the federation which should be making the decisions!"
                        "I've heard he (CQ) has said: if you hang around with Eagles you will learn how to fly, I want to say Aghaye Aziz, high-flying (having extravagant ambitions) isn't a good thing, your head spins and you fall down on your head!"
                        He also mentions that the TM players who are not attending the training at their clubs are probably doing so in order to not lose their spots in TM. Something that he says, he would never do and that if he did he would have over 200 TM caps right now.

                        کریمی در ابتدای این گفتگو می گوید: از قول من بنویسید آقای کی*روش، شهامت و شجاعت داشته باش. به جای مار و گرگ و عقرب و رتیل و... اسم منتقدان خودت را بیاور و بعد نظر بده! ضمن آن که یک حرف دیگر هم برای او دارم. شنیدم گفته اگر با عقاب*ها نشست و برخاست کنید، پرواز را یاد خواهید گرفت. می*خواهم بگویم آقای عزیز، بلندپروازی هم خیلی خوب نیست، سر آدم گیج می*رود و با سر زمین می*خورد!
                        کریمی در ادامه گفت: اینکه نمی*شود هرکس انتقاد کرد، بد شود و هرکس تعریف کرد، خوب. آن کسی قابل احترام است که انتقادات را بشنود و بعد بتواند طرف را قانع کند یا اینکه قانع شود.
                        کریمی درباره لغو اردوی تیم ملی و اینکه مخالفت برانکو باعث لغو این اردو شد گفت: لابد به خاطر من و برانکو! (بدون آن که منتظر جواب بماند، ادامه می*دهد) اصلاً این طور نیست. اگر به اعتراض برانکو بود که همان* روز اول لغو می*شد. شما بگویید تمرینات پرسپولیس از چه زمانی شروع شده است؟ الان 9 روز گذشته است. چرا ملی*پوشان در تمرینات پرسپولیس شرکت نمی*کنند؟ اگر به استراحت کردن و ریکاوری باشد که دو، سه روز کافی است.
                        جادوگر سرخ ها درباره اینکه ملی پوشان پرسپولیس از ترس کی روش به تمرین نرفته اند گفت: دوره و زمانه این*طوری است دیگر. باور کنید من اگر می*خواستم مثل این*ها فکر کنم، 200 بازی ملی داشتم. اگر با هر کسی می*ساختم و زیر بار هر حرف زوری می*رفتم، به این تعداد بازی ملی می*رسیدم. فقط می*توان تأسف خورد که بازیکن قرارداد چندصدمیلیونی با باشگاه می*بندد اما در تمرینات شرکت نمی*کند.
                        کریمی درباره شانس صعود تیم ملی به جام جهانی گفت: فقط همین*قدر بگویم بهترین قرعه نصیب ایران شده است. حداقل روی کاغذ قرعه فعلی ما بهتر است. با توجه به مشکلاتی که با عربستان و برخی کشورهای عربی پیدا کردیم، اگر در گروه مقابل بودیم، کارمان به مراتب سخت*تر بود. این نظر ماست. خیلی هم رک و صریح آن را بیان می*کنم و از آقای کی*روش که خیلی هم آدم شجاعی است، می*خواهم اسم منتقدان خود را بیاورد.
                        شماره هشت سابق بایرن مونیخ درباره نقش فدراسیون و مهدی تاج در مدیریت این اختلاف ها گفت: اصلاً علی کریمی چیزی از فوتبال نمی*فهمد اما تا جایی که می*دانم فدراسیون برای تیم ملی برنامه*ریزی می*کند نه برعکس! تمام تصمیمات کلی را باید فدراسیون بگیرد. مهدی تاج باید مدیریت کند. فکر نمی*کنم حرف بدی زده باشم. حرف نرمالی زدم. من آدم منطقی*ای هم هستم. اشتباه کنم، شجاعت و شهامت اعتراف به اشتباه خودم را دارم، البته اگر قانع بشوم. من نظرم را به عنوان یک طرفدار فوتبال اعلام کردم که هیچ پست و مقامی هم ندارم. اتفاقاً دنبال پست و مقام هم در فوتبال نیستم که این حرف*ها را زدم. به نظرم مصاحبه من حرف دل خیلی از مربیان لیگ برتری است که به هر دلیلی ترجیح می*دهند سکوت کنند و لام تا کام چیزی نگویند اما حکایت علی کریمی متفاوت است. من به عنوان یک طرفدار کوچک فوتبال به خواسته غیر منطقی آقایان در مورد بازیکنان ملی*پوش اعتراض دارم و اگر این حرف غیر منطقی است بیایند و بگویند. نکته دیگر در مورد شما رسانه*هاست. من برای همه شما خبرنگاران و اهالی رسانه احترام قائلم اما از شما می*خواهم به آدم*ها به اندازه خودشان بها بدهید. شما تریبون دارید و لطفاً اطلاعات درست و دقیق به مردم بدهید. الکی آدم*ها را بزرگ نکنید و این حرف من است.


                          Really? Khalayegh har che Layegh.
                          PP deserves Branko and no one else.
                          PP doesn't deserve any of its player to be included in TM. None.


                            Originally posted by Shah Abbas View Post
                            Branko is 100% right here.
                            CQ thinks he can do whatever he wants through 'Gholdori' and no one is allowed to criticise him!
                            My friend i think you are ungrateful for the things CQ has done for our Team Melli, sometimes i can't understand our country's people how can we forget these things so fast?
                            Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.


                              You know what's the funny thing here? CQ had similar issues with GN and at that time everyone attacked GN that what CQ is saying is for the best interest of TM but now that CQ has the same issue with Branko and now the very same people are attacking CQ? If CQ was right then he's still right now.

                              For CQ it doesn't matter if it's perspolis or esteghlal. He wants his players to get enough rest and be prepared for world cup qualification. To be honest I don't give a crap who wins the IPL title and all I care about is TM.

                              It's not as if our clubs are making any money and all they have is debt and winning a IPL title isn't going to change that so even if they don't win the title it's not going to change one bit in running the club.


                                When was the last time CQ said something that wasn't in the best interest of the players and TM? Even when he had issues with GN, GaleNoie came out and said that his players are in great form and he even thanked CQ for preparing his players after a TM camp.