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AFC Champions League Elite (New) | 2024-25

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    AFC Champions League Elite (New) | 2024-25

    The Continent’s top 24 clubs will be divided into two leagues of 12 teams across the West and East regions, who will compete in a home and away league format for a place in the Round of 16, where the eight winners will advance to the Final Stage.

    In view of the most strategic and game changing reforms ever to be introduced in the history of the Asian club game, the Final Stage – comprising the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final – will be played in single-leg ties in Saudi Arabia.

    The decisive battles of the AFC Champions League Elite – Final Stage 2024/25 are scheduled to be held from April 25 to May 4, 2025, with the eventual winners poised to claim the biggest-ever purse prize of USD12 million.​


    Source: & Wikipedia

    So they brought the super league to AFC


      They're taking what little soul and tradition was in this tournament and sucked it out.


        Big win for the Arab Football Federation. They have taken the AFC and turned into NFL-Asia, except their Superbowl will be played in MBS's backyard, at least for the next two years.

        As the slogan was when super league was proposed......EARN IT ON THE FIELD!!!
        Sign this petition to show opposition to US/UK support for the Rajavi/MKO cult


          It's great.
          12 teams
          10 matches
          Top 8 advance nba style playoffs
          R16 is home and away.

          single game elimination in one place
          It's great and exciting format.
          format it benefits pgl teams and it gives pgl teams
          a puncher chance to go final.
          Teams like pp ,sepahan, ss they can get hot and go on a run like pp did 2020's easier to get hot in span of 9 days. Instead of few weeks....

          2+1 iran spot
          1 direct spot is hazfi , league winner, league 2nd plCe go playoff....
          and if hazfi champ same as league champ
          than league 1 and 2 go direct and 3rd place go playoff and 4th place go to lower acl competition.

          Hope for
          Pp and sepahan go direct
          Ss go playoff and make it(acl derby is crazy)
          and teraktor go lower level acl.

          we can also have khibar khoramabad from league 1 get direct spot....