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Chant brainstorming for matches

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    Chant brainstorming for matches

    Hey everyone,

    I am currently in Doha here too support team melli. I'm proud of them for playing under such immense pressure from many sides and terrible conditions in our country.

    I would like your support for coming up with some chant ideas that we can use for tomorrow's match.

    I want to thank the players, call them ba gheyrat, thank them for not singing the anthem, express unity, etc.

    I have two objectives... 1) raising awareness for the ongoing issues in Iran... But before the game and outside the stadium and 2) inside the stadium showing only support for the players. I even don't want to curse out Torabi. Our objective is to win. With winning we get more games and more attention. It's a win win scenario.

    I'm thinking of things like...

    Futbaliste bagheyrat... Something...

    Merci sorood nakhoondi, something....

    Ein team teame mardomeh, something something

    Outside I'll do Mahsa Amini and Zan zendegi Azadi, mard mihan abadi.

    There will be plenty of regime supporters there too but they aren't a loud as us.


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    IF they do something in favor of the people at the Wales game start chanting:

    Bazikone bagheyrat Hemayat Hemayat! (repeat)

    IF one player does something, tailor the chant to the player with the above switched to (name of player) bagheyrate Hemayat Hemayat



      How about, Bacheha Doostet Darim! For 90 minutes.

      That should do it if you want to do something positive for the players.

      Visit chant thread or even the extra Kateb chant thread for more suggestions, have a great stay at wc 😉

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      Supporting Team Melli