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Pool: Who should be our starting GK against Wales?

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  • Pool: Who should be our starting GK against Wales?

    With Beiranvand out who do you think should start the game against Wales in goal and why?

    Hossein Hosseini
    Amir Abedzadeh
    Payam Niazmand

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    Amir fo shu is the safest overall bet

    baring injury Bey woulda been my first choice due to experience and height advantage vs tall n physical welsh..!

    but its really irresponsible to start a guy who not only got a concussion also broke his nose in process some 3-4 days back..!

    besides he has already proven to have difficulties judging the flight of high balls into his box and with that shitt hanging all over his face and nose busted he'd surely struggles even more on that front..! and there a good chance that Welsh would play to their only offensive strength which is peppering our box with high balls ...hoping to score using their tall imposing key players..!


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      I accidentally selected Payam, but I think it should be Amir.


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        I go with Abddzadeh. Vocal, was Skocic choice so had international game experience and if he can add some caution to his game he can do well.

        Only thing that worries me about Amir is his rebound and deflection control. He could easily gift a long range shot to Wales which would be utterly deflating.

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          Abedz, but all 3 are even. Happy whatever it ends up with.
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            accidentally voted amir but would rather niazmand.

            Welsh will be super direct, physical with a lot of crosses. We need a bigger GK who is more of an aerial presence. Hosseini after standing like a stick 6 times and showing zero vocal presence is out imo.


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              I agree Hosseini shouldn't see action anymore.
              Niazmand has no reference at international level and couldn't break into a weak portuguese side.
              The less worse solution is Abedzadeh (don't know if he still does his sootis)

              All these 3gk are the 12th welsh player


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                The one who wants to play and protect Irans net.

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                  aMir Abedzadeh.
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                    It has to be Amir. It's a no brainer
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                      No disrespect to Amir. He’s talented with much more playing experience than Payam Niazmand. But he’s proven to be shaky and uncertain in situations where Payam is confident in.

                      Payam makes good quick decisions. He’s got the height and isn’t afraid of coming out against crosses and set pieces. Despite not playing in Liga Nos, he’s proven that he’s a strong willed and confident GK in our league and in the ACL in front of crazy Sepahan/Iranian fans.

                      I vote Niazmand, but really, start the goalkeeper who’ll give his heart and soul to protect our net.


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                        I really don’t get the hate for Hossein. Not much he could have done about any of the goals. The defense was non-existent.
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                          Hosseini's performance against England was pathetic.
                          If he had at least dived or made some kind of attempt to save the shots on target, as you would expect from a professional goalkeeper to do, it may have been more understandable.

                          Case in point, Saka's goal. A weak shot, travelling at very low speed, that Hosseini allowed to roll past his right.

                          Hosseini has done NOTHING to merit starting against Wales. I would start with Abedzadeh or Niazmand.
                          They can't do worse than letting in six goals.


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                            Niazmand's style is similar to biranvand, Niazmand is great , he is the future!

                            Abedzadeh is too short and full of mistakes, he is worst than hosseini
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                              Originally posted by Esteghlali4life View Post
                              I really don’t get the hate for Hossein. Not much he could have done about any of the goals. The defense was non-existent.
                              He saved 0 shots