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IRAN - IRAQ. , WCQs (27/1/2022)

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    IRAN - IRAQ. , WCQs (27/1/2022)

    Here's a short summary of the game that sealed our qualification and set the record for quickest WC qualification in our history.


    Now for slightly longer version.

    I now know how most established teams feel when they qualify comfortably for various WCs. Value of gathering as many points as possible and as early as possible is immeasurable here.

    Despite a rash covid victims including plenty of first team players like Azmoun, Nourolahi, Hajsafi, ..., and almost no preparations, the team performed beyond expectations. At least for me.

    I know Skocic doesn't possess CQ's fame or pedigree. But we cannot deny the more forward moving, flowing football played by the team. And it was the order of the day, from the get go and almost led to our first goal within the first few minutes.

    I won't go over most details that many members have already covered. But in my opinion what we saw by the lads between minutes 15 to around 75 was one of the most entertaining quality displays of football for many many years or beyond. And at the center of it all, the Captain Fantastic, Jahanbakhsh.
    In attacks or in defense he led by example. Hard working, probing, game reading, taking chances, opportunistic acts, ..., he showed it all. Sublime shooting especially from outside the box is something that is usually missing in TM games. But no more.

    He nearly scored 3-4 goals all by himself had it not been for some extraordinary keeping by Iraqi keeper.
    We could have been 4-0 up by halftime, had it not been for him. The game itself could have ended 6-1 which shows how well we attacked and followed some nifty rehearsed teamwork.

    Midfield was doing well enough. Although given their potential, it would be easy to expect more from them.
    Defense also do well, except for some reason our two CBs insisted on having that extra one or two touches that almost caused some trouble for us.

    Abedzadeh also proved the appl had not fallen too far from the tree. A true heir to his father. If I were Beiranvand, I'd be very worried.

    You also gotta appreciate Taremi's dedication to perform so well given his strange journey back to Iran from Portugal an how late he joined the camp.

    I was hoping to see some minutes by Zahedi to see if he can be a good sub for Azmoun as a tough, physical, aggressive striker. But maybe we'll see him come in against UAE.

    Skocic is aware of many ppl's doubts. And very quietly and calmly, he is staking his claim and proving his worth.
    His calm demeanor has also translated into the team as we seem a more in control, more relaxed team with little stress that has been an integral part of TM's history.

    Given the general state of Iran IFF, TM, ... I think we can trust him to lead us at the WC.
    So far nobody can really say he doesn't deserve it.


      Well said DD jaan. At first upon the appointment of Skocic as our new HC, I for one was dismayed and disappointed to say the least. However with time and game after game I turned into one of his admirers, being fond of his team's playing style, as well as his personality. Credit must be given when it's due. He has so far done wonderfully!

      The only concern with his team and tactics for me is our defense. Our once formidable and somewhat invincible defense has turned into a vulnerable and unreliable line. We give away too many opportunities to the opponents to take shots on our goal, or furthermore conceding some stupid goals. I truly hope upon return of PAG and a fit Majid Hosseini we can overcome this shortcoming.

      Upfront we are benefiting from one of the most lethal offense lines of our entire TM history. Star-studded TM offense line can threaten any team in any given time and game, no matter who the opponent may be. I doubt a TM coach has ever had soooo many option up front which BTW is an amazing headache of its own!

      I see a bright outcome off the upcoming WC. And by "bright" I do not mean a semi-final birth, but rather a shocking appearance and wins. Fingers cross!


        Well said DD! I agree 100 %, and he has made me rethink my view of him, after the teams display. The team has evolved since last camp.
        Its going to be exhiting to se what he cando with some proper training camps and friendlies.

        He has a proven good track record for clublevel domestic cups, so he may fit world cup as coach aswell.

        I no longer feel that we must change the coach, Skocic for TM
        Supporting Team Melli


          Probably years of working in Iran, thus understanding the people and our football as well as general temperament has helped him in guiding the team.

          Not to mention his very calm, collected demeanor, supplemented by his picks of two other vry calm, quiet an low profile individuals as his supporting staff (VH and Bagheri)

          Some say he benefitted from CQ.
          Sure. I'm certain CQ did have an impact on the team. But it also takes a skillful person to take what's left and improve on it.
          Afterall didn't Wilmots get the same and in fact far more fresh CQ product? We know how that turned out.