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    Never give up

    I thought of writing about never giving up till the last seconds (wish our boys fought this hard against ksa) or that they shd keep this in mind in upcoming games or ..., but then I came across this little gem of a photo and I think this says it all.
    May our TM boys remember this:

    note: even in dying seconds, barca never got desperate to mindlessly lob the ball into chelsea's box like what most teams resort to. they kept their cool and continued to play their game in their own style.

    I wish we'd see this at TM also instead of emotional bezan ziresh and blind kicking and lobbing.




      iranian teams never used to give up...i dont know wat has happened, they are not the same anymore!

      maybe the fitness level between iranian players and other players is too much that they cant keep up with them for 90 minutes??
      Originally posted by siavasharian

      بهترین خط دفاع.بهترین خط حمله.ثبت رکورد بیشترین گل زده.پر امتیاز ترین تیم ادوار لیگ برتر با ۴۰۹ امتیاز.پر افتخار ترین مربی لیگ برتر با دو قهرمانی
      بهترین گلزن لیگ: آرش برهانی [استقلال] با ۲۱ گل زدهبهترین خط حمله: استقلال تهران با ۷۰ گل زده