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Iran - Japan (2024 Asia Cup)

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    Iran - Japan (2024 Asia Cup)

    This game must be renamed as "Redemption Game".

    Redemption for TM who lost to the same Japan, in the last edition, over some really unprofessional behavior of our lads.

    Redemption for Mohebbi who was like a headless chicken in the previous game (not that he was that different in this game. But at least he had a great goal)

    Redemption for Kanani for screwing up in Japan's goal. Although one might wonder just what the hell he was doing in the opponents' 18 when he got the penalty.

    Some may also include JB here (although I dont believe he's been weak. Not any more than anyone else in the team anyway)

    Also this win provides Taremi a chance for redemption for his idiotic diving habit that eventually earned him the red card suspension.

    Now all that stands between us and the finals are our traditional opponents and people who've beaten us on great many occasions, some mercilessly.
    An opponent so difficult that we'd need bundles of luck to defeat them.
    An opponent that has usually been very resolute in our countless meetings.
    An opponent to beat whom, we must dig deep into our pool of physical abilities & mental capabilities to overcome.
    An opponent whose stats against us is stacked in its favor, by a mile.
    The referees and AFC.

    oh, and Qatar also may provide some difficulty for TM too in the match.


    Why do I point at the referees as our main opponents?
    Here's one example of many:

    ir jpn.jpg
    Where the VAR room should have checked Player B who is already leaning towards his goal and probably would have kept Azmoun onside, they chose player A!
    They also chose a close-up of Azmoun-player A on display to support their shitty decision!
    naked eye shows at least player B's shoulder would have kept him closer to goal than Sardar (since AVR ruled on Sardar's elbow tip!!!)

    This is not the 1st time we have been denied of a fair VAR decision. Especially in games against UAE and Syria, where there were occasions a VAR review was at least warranted. But the ref never even bothered!

    To be fair, I must admit, we also got lucky against HongKong where Beiranvand's hand outside the box was casually overlooked by the ref. However there is a world of difference between knockout stage and group games. That too against teams like HK. I seriously doubt we'd have enjoyed that had it been against the likes of Qatar, UAE, ... especially in the knockout games.

    And dont get me started on previous editions. We all remember plenty of crappy decisions.
    Now, against the hosts. That too a rich & influential Qatar?
    I'd be very very wary of the refs.
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    It's March 10, 2024, and I just saw this thread. I had an odd feeling that Team e' Melli would falter in the semifinal, as had been the case in several past editions of the same tournament. It might be a psychological issue, but in any case Qatar was totally beatable. However, Iran's goalkeeper (Beiranvand) and the defense are not exactly reliable since GN took over. I would like a new goalkeeper (Niaazmand?) tried and prepared going forward.