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    Prospects/Hopeful player radar

    Which new player can we be hopeful for the future and what are their strenghs and limitation ?

    1) Allahyar (FW/Winger) : already in European football - speedy and physical / big injuries - technical not sharp like some other iranians.

    2) Salmani (OM/CM): really hyped / get injuried very often - need a euro transfer asap

    3) Khodabandeloo (CM)

    4) Fallah (CB)

    5) Rostami (CM)

    6) Doostali (FW)

    strenghts: speed, shots, dribbles,
    weaknesses: none

    Improve, decisionmaking, runpattetns, def hustle
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        this data is so telling.. if we could drop out of top 10 to start with that would be great, drop out of top 20 would be awsme for our talents.
        guessa good mix is good so we shouldnt drop to far though. wonder if there is a stat for that. like there is for age/success think that is about 23 to 24 years dont remember exactly. it should be easy but timeconsuming to calculate it without a program.
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          This is a cool story. If only there was something like this in football. Uefa without borders.. gathering u18 players from all continents like this, with 1 camp a year with last years Champion in every top 4 league.

          Mohammad Amini to compete at NBA Without Borders
          1. Sports

          February 1, 2023 - 19:36
          TEHRAN - Considered one of his country's greatest hopes, young Iranian Mohammad Amini will play compete in the NBA Without Borders in February.

          The 2.01m point guard currently plays for French side AS Monaco.

          It is very rare for an Iranian to play in a European league. In Germany, there was recently Behnam Yakhchali in Rostock and MBC. Samad Nikkhah Bahrami also played for French basketball team Pau-Orthez in 2008/09 season.

          “Air Amini”, who is aiming for the NBA Draft in 2025 while aiming to become the first Iranian player to play in the Euroleague, has interviewed with about his goals.

          “When I was younger, my parents made me try several sports. I tested gymnastics, taekwondo and basketball with my brother. So, I started this sport in my home region Bandar Abass. The first game I played at 14 we won 52-50 and I scored 49 points. So, I told myself that I had to continue in basketball (smile).

          “I've only been in France for a few months but I have fully adapted to the European game. I want to be one of the best players in the U23 championship. And I tell myself every day that I want to go to the NBA in 2025,” the 17-year-old said.

          Basketball Without Borders (BWB) is a premier opportunity for elite players to learn the game from world-class players and coaches; showcase their skills in front of NBA, WNBA and FIBA coaches, players and scouts; and compete against the top talent in the world.

          Players enhance their basketball and life skills during four-day BWB camps and have the opportunity to return years later as a coach when they are leaders in the NBA or WNBA to inspire future basketball stars.

          It's a dream for any basketball player to play in the NBA, it's my goal for 2025. But to get there, I chose the path of European basketball. Monaco can help me discover the top level, the NBA or the Euroleague, which is the second-best basketball league in the world.

          “I worked hard to be named in the top 40 players of my generation. But that's nothing compared to my goal of being drafted in the NBA or playing in the Euroleague,” Amini stated.

          Tehran Times today.
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            Post AC, I hope for a full young squad like this :

            GK : Niazmand, Beiro, Akhbari, Shakouri
            RB : Ramin, Yousefi, Andarz
            LB : Karimazar, Jalali, Goudarzi
            CB : Hazbavi, Aghasi, M.Hosseini, Khalilzadeh
            DM : Ghorbani, Khodabandelou, Ezza, Rostami, Razzaghinia
            OM : Ghoddos, Hosseinnejad, Salmani (if he comes back from injury)
            Wingers : Gholizadeh, Torabi, Hashemnejad, Allahyar
            Striker : Azmoun, Taremi, Abdi, Zahiroeslam, Eckert

            Shakouri, Razzaghinia, Andarz at least in an extended squad for the camp.