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In Tajikistan they are marking this as a new paradigm for their football. I know our players were younger but they completely outplayed us.

They are replaying the matches on TV here and I am very impressed with them.

They also had an interview with the Afghanistan coach and it was clear he knew the Iran setup inside out. He was obviously proud as this is the first time Afghanistan has beaten Iran in 40 years (according to him)

Our management and administrators need to take this as a lesson because the rest of Central Asia will now be licking their lips. Unless our house gets in order, we may find that our sense of entitlement as an Asian powerhouse who qualifies to a tournament without conceding will break down very soon. This is our U16 team and roots of our national success....

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Absolutely, this is very serious. No matter how much respect I have for Mohassess, I think he and the whole IFF technical committee made mistake by putting Abdi in charge. We don’t have a lack of talent and its clear that we were out coached.