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    Meet your Persian Love Today
    God willing we will have Ali Jahanbakhsh back by then to help us. One player isn’t a team but one player can help make a world of difference.
    Iran - 2018 FIFA World Cup (Trailer):

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    It is so sad i think our hopes for World Cup 2022 is over. We will win Hong Kong March 2020 and Cambodia 20:0 Home! I hope i am wrong. We need to fire Wilmots first and bring a high class coach like Carlos Qurioz. I hope even that Carlos Qurioz would be back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shahabGAOL View Post
    It is so sad i think our hopes for World Cup 2022 is over. We will win Hong Kong March 2020 and Cambodia 20:0 Home! I hope i am wrong. We need to fire Wilmots first and bring a high class coach like Carlos Qurioz. I hope even that Carlos Qurioz would be back!
    just need someone with the same defensive counter attacking mentality as quieroz. he has made it easy for coaches in similar philosophy to take over what he made at TM. always wanted Renard after him.

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    Why didn't Dejagah and Noseini play?
    I don't want to generalize that every player playing in Europe is better than IPL players but the reality is that players Like Jahanbaksh sitting on the bench in England have higher quality than IPL players, The proof is when you get these rundown 35 year old players from England or other Top league are bought for Iranian teams, they run circles our domestic players. I think Jahanbaksh with his experience playing in World Cup, Asian Cup ,Holland and England is head and shoulders above Mohebi without playing one competitive game all year.
    Hopefully in March we will have Jahanbakhsh and Ghoddos backm in Team.
    As much as I like Masoud for all his years of Service he should retire from Team Melli.
    Our Center field is a big problem. I don't know what is up with the idiot Ezatollahi, I think he is a lost cause. Such a waste of Talent.
    I don't think Dejagah is our Messiah, we are so hurting for a decent AMF.
    Takes us to the coach, Iranian players need a coach they can fear and respect. I don't Wilmonts is it. I don't think we can get a decent foreign coach to Iran with all the Sanctions and Geopolitics BS.
    As far as Iranian Coaches many months ago after CQ left, I said we will get a 3rd rate foreign coach and then Daei will be our coach. I think we should make this change as soon as possible.

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    oh FFS so we gonna be stuck with useless Willy till our demise become next to certain in the next wcq..?

    @ a very least IFF must re-negotiate his Parvazi clauses in his contract and force him to be in iran far more frequently than he has been so far and set up many more training sessions and somewhat challenging Friendlies for him to have a even a slight chance of putting together a semi organized Team Performances and better assess if he has what it takes to lead our boys to victory in a challenging game..? be it a friendly..!!

    it would still be somewhat useless attempt imo, but its better than this bs same ol " hala berim hamin jury bebinim chi mish..!" fking attitude of our corrupt federation..!

    anyone with an ounce of insight can easily see that most TM players are't convinced and simply arent sold on Willy boy's leadership qualities and his qualifications to be their boss..!! Get Rid FFS.... use the saved money to bring in another semi-qualified European coach who is more familiar and experienced locally and regionally..! If SS can muster up a hiring of a decent CV EU coach i dont see why cant the fking IFF..??

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    My whole team Melli vibe has been “rasme zamoone” by rasool najafian lately because the chorus says “miran adama az una faghat khatarahashun beja mimune” CQ😞

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    Quote Originally Posted by peiman92 View Post
    I hope IFF thinks(for once) and schedule our last game against Iraq at 9pm Tehran time.
    In that case we will surely now what we need from that game to qualify.
    yes absolutly right. We must play both our last matches late, but the last both matchdays are in west asia anyway, so that i think kick off will be simultaneously.... but we should definetley play late, 21:30 Tehran Time or 21 Tehran other groups points and situations are probably clear for us..

    i checked the groups very last matchday, and 6 out of 8 will be decided in east asia, group A, B, E, F, G, H (only Emirates. vs. Vietnam will be decided in West Asia).

    Our group, the saudis group with uzbekistan and the emirates vs. vietnam match (first place vs. second place current now)

    so only these matches will be decided on last matchday in west asia:

    bahrain - hongkong
    iran - iraq
    saudi arabia - uzbekistan (saudis will definetley play late around 22:00 local time, and it will decide first place vs. second place in this group)
    UAE - Vietnam (will also decide first. vs. second place)

    So 5 groups will be decided before our match, specially we know qatar vs. oman on matchday 9, one matchday before the final....

    We must be clever now, and make good decisions:

    1) 3-week training camp in December/January with Friendlies. Make sure Wilmots or whoever will be the coach, will stay in Iran for the upcoing 6 to 9 months.
    2) 2-week preperation for Hongkong and Cambodia match. Need definetley the 6 points here.
    3) Finish the least around April 29. Start preperation of TM from May 1 with the first players in camp, while AFC CL will finish may 4,5. These players join Team Melli after MD 6 of AFC CL.
    4) If iranian clubs qualify for AFC CL Round of 16, let them join their teams 3 days before the match, and be back around May 26, and join Team Melli again for Bahrain and Iraq matches in June.
    World Cup 2006, Frankfurt, Iran vs. Portugal, Iranian Frontpage of GOAL Sportspaper

    And on the 8.Day God created Ali Karimi, and he saw he was good!
    If Defenders were allowed to use their hands to stop Karimi
    - Theyd try!

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    Forget about qualifying for the World Cup if Wilmots stays, he’s not going to change his approach. He didn’t do after the Bahrain loss, it became apparent in the Iraq game.

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    Is it possible to win our last 4 games with the quality we have? For sure! Is it possible with wilmots and his strarting 11? I dont think so.

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    If CQ had lost 2 games to Bahrain and Iraq back to back all the journalist and coaches were gonna ask for his resignation. I keep hearing people say that Wilmots plays attacking football but in the last 2 games I haven't seen anything from this guy.

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