Ali Alipour dreams big: I want to play and win the Champions League [VIDEO]

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A Bola – BARCELO, Iranian forward Ali Alipour follows in Mehdi Taremi’s footsteps in Portugal. 

After two seasons of visible growth at Marítimo, the forward decided to head to Barcelos, tempted by the European project and thinking of improving himself to win a place in the Iran squad for Qatar. A player aware of what he wants, full of praise for the season, and now arrives at Gil Vicente.

– How do you evaluate the importance of moving from Marítimo to Gil Vicente and what expectations accompany you in the new club?

– I achieved my goals in Marítimo, I had to take a step forward to get stronger. On this road I’ve traced, I decided that it was important to reach a better-ranked team, playing in Europe. I want to prove my conditions and my potential, help Gil Vicente and bring distinctions to the club in Europe. I try to succeed, reach higher levels, cherishing playing in the Champions League.

– With appeals from other parts, does Portugal have the conditions to help give greater dimension to the career?

– Portuguese football has a very high level and is very recognized in the world. I have very defined goals, I want to walk slowly but directly. I don’t think so much about money. It’s a bit like Taremi. Seeking recognition, playing in the Champions League, trying out Spain or England. That’s my bar and what I dream about. When I came to Marítimo, I lost money, because I had very good offers from China. But playing in the Portuguese League was important for the showcase it is, for the good football that you breathe, for being even close to Iran in terms of culture and climate.

– Do you recognize the important role of coach Ricardo Soares in your hiring? Have you ever talked about what you expect from you?

– I have great respect for all coaches and Portugal has some of the best in the world. All good players look for good coaches, so they can complement each other. I watched Gil Vicente’s games and, as I said, I felt how the coach controlled the team in a positive way and communicated with the players. Whenever I watched the games, the team looked fresh, energetic, and played with strategy. That comes from the coach. But we didn’t speak directly. I am simply honored to be part of your team and your ideas. He’s a great trainer!

– Does continuing your football in Portugal have any kind of expiry date within the career plans?

– The main objective is to play and win the Champions League. I don’t know how many years it can take. If I can have that chance at a club in Portugal, being part of a team that competes in this competition and that makes me believe in the realization of my dream, I can stay here for many years.

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