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My opinion regarding Ghotbi!!!

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    I understand you were shocked IranJavidan jan, but you must not conclude from being shocked that something is fishy. But that's what is done.

    The usual reasoning goes like this.

    BELIEF: Player X is one of the best players and must be in TM
    FACT: Player X is not in TM

    Of course there is a problem when the facts don't correspond with our belief. Now one can either correct his belief (what doesn't seem popular), or he must find reasons how the initial belief can be kept and brought into accordance with the real world facts. And believing there would be non-sporting issues for the non-invitation is a solution to keep the initial belief and yet have a logical explanation for the real world situtation. Of course then it is not hard to find several issues supporting this idea (past quotes, "anything can happen in Iran", etc.).


      While I believe,there were several valid issues against Daei......
      But, The karimi case is not one of them.....
      If, Ghotbi can put aside " Nikbakht ",because he feels Nikbkaht will be conterproductive in can Daei do the same with Karimi.