Ridiculous somersault throw-in travels over 60 yards and hits crossbar [VIDEO]

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The18.com – TEHRAN, Somersault throw-ins in soccer are as rare as they are successful. The idea isn’t terrible per se — a launched throw that has the potential to be as effective as a corner kick sounds great.

More often than not though, the end result is the thrower embarrassing themselves in front of everyone.

Iranian international Milad Mohammadi’s awful attempt at the World Cup stands as a grave reminder for how it can go wrong.

Nothing quite like embarrassing yourself on the biggest stage in the sporting world.

In Iran’s Persian Gulf Pro League, Paykan’s defender Nader Mohammadi put Milad to shame with one of the longest somersault throw-ins ever seen.

Sadly, the goal wouldn’t have counted if it went in as a goal can’t be scored directly from a throw-in. Honestly though, that rule should absolutely change. If a player has the ability to heave a ball that far and manages to get it past a goalkeeper, it should count.

Mohammadi might not have the world record for the longest throw, but he was able to get an assist in his team’s 4-1 victory from a rocket somersault throw-in.

Long throw in @ min 5:40

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