Jersey colors for Team Melli matches at the World Cup revealed

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6,636 views – ZURICH, The jersey colors of Iran national football team for Group F matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup have been assigned and revealed by FIFA as reported by Navad Sport Newspaper.

Team Melli will wear white for her opening game versus Nigeria on June 16, then red versus Argentina on June 21 and then back to white for final game of the group stage versus Bosnia-Herzegovina on June 25.

In previous World Cup appearances, here is the jersey colors for Team Melli and corresponding result of the match.

1978 – Netherlands (White, loss) , Scotland (White, draw) , Peru (Red, loss)

1998 – Yugoslavia (White, loss) , USA (Red, win) , Germany (Red, loss)

2006 – Mexico (Red, loss) , Portugal (White, loss) , Angola (White, draw)

Overall, Team Melli wore White on five occassions, which three were losses and two draws. Red was used in four matches, out of which one was a win and the other three were losses. It can be concluded that Iran has not won a match wearing white.

Also Iran has never participated at the World Cup Finals wearing her traditional tricolor Green, White and Red, which was very popular until 1974 then gained favor once again throughout the 1980s.


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