Sorry TM Fan Jan...

I really don't agree with your line of thinking . You said football has recently developed into a complicated technique. I have not noticed any huge technical improvement in football, I think you mean commercial aspect of it. But when you start comparing a football coach to an Engineer or a Doctor or any such profession , then you have certainly missed the plot.

There is no way a leisure or entertainment personnel could have acquired the requirement of a professional. But that is drifting from the subject.

About the passion of Iranians for football , how did you figure out that ?
The last match in Azadi was attended by less than a 1000 fans and previous matches did not have much of attendance. Now compare that to the number of Cinema goers in Iran.... You will get an idea where the passion lies.

Also , whenever I see an official wrestling tournament in Iran , the arena is normally always full. wrestling as you know , is the ranked as top sport medal winner and single handedly brought glory to this nation , then comes Weight-lifting.

So....Even this football passion is questionable.