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we suck at every single part of anything called infrastructure...back then people argued good coaches would make a difference.....all the money spent and what was the gain?! a solid loss to argentina and spain in different world cups?!! this much money for that !!?.o well time has shown that it will not...we better start now!
pitches for every town...lights for every stadium...roads for every town before a glorious coach with his ferrari to run on well what we call highway in iran lol

11 yrs later and we still see the same.
goes to show the problem lies elsewhere : the IR.

as long as IR exists, expect no good thing to happen in Iran.
even if we put aside the political and social ramifications, the mere fact of diverting our wealth (that can be spent in a million NEEDED areas, even before sports) towards terrorist groups (hezbullah, houthis, … ) and dictatorships (Syria, Venezuela, … ), should be proof enough