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Thread: Iran vs Lebanon Post Match Ratings

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    When it comes to leading by example, would there be any better captain than Amiri though...?

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    also wanted to add that besides the goal Nourollahi was horrendous. he has such a bad touch it kills a lot of our attacks. it takes him a good 2-3 seconds to get control of the ball everytime he receives a pass

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    Gholizadeh --- 0
    Jahanbaksh --- 0
    Ghoddos --- 0
    All three players failed completely offensively. 0 creativity 0 assertiveness. They were not dangerous at any time.

    Azmoun --- 10 His mental strength is admirable, having to endure the worst passes and crosses the whole game and not despair and then strike at the decisive moment. In his place, I would probably have gone crazy and attacked the three players mentioned above.

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    Oh boy, I don't think I have stressed out so much with TM games since our 2006 WCQ match against Qatar in 2004, we trailed that game 2-1 until the last 10 minutes, but eventually won 2-3 away.

    Today's game was so frustrating to watch. Our players having one of their worst days, the refs annoying calls and favoring the Lebanese in most 50-50 battles, our players constant unnecessary fouls, getting so many yellow card (Hell our coach also got red-carded), The gutsy wind, terrible pitch, Lebanese players constant ridiculous falls and grass-rolling trying to kill time, etc. It just was a horrendous game to watch, I am not gonna lie. I am just super happy by how we executed the match in the 5 minute stoppage time. Those 2 goals after the 90' felt such an amazing relief. It was so gratifying to beat these new gross-rollers of Asia (100 rahmat be Bahrain va Qatar of the 2000s)
    Beiranvand was utterly terrible. He was tested twice, he bizarrely conceded the first, and on the second count his typical cockiness almost cost us another goal. I have been saying this for years about him, he is such a cocky keeper, often trying to be fancy and cute by trying to dribble the opponents players, or posing such lame gesture with the ball. I want him out for our next game. AA is our best option currently. The guy is sharp, smart, and has continuously been shining for all his teams in Europe for several years now. The dude deserves his first TM goal-keeping experience in our WCQ already. Beiranvand is a great keeper don't get me wrong, but he also happens to bear a lot of flaws. For a player to has played in one of the top leagues of the world for nearly 3 years, yet not being able to put a proper English sentence together, shows how complacent and unwilling he is to learn and progress.

    Shoja I was not impressed with his game

    Ghoddos, as much as I love the dude, and as great of a player he is, but today was just not his day. But again so was everyone else today pretty much. I think he needs to gain his confidence with TM as he had not been played much in our previous games.

    Gholizadeh is not a 90 minute player. He should be subbed in in the last 20-30 minutes of the games, when our game is tangled up and we need a skilled player to undo the knot.

    ARJ was average, he fought hard and did what he was supposed to do

    Ezatollahi was decent. He just needs to work on his stamina. I wish he was a bit speedier. BTW has anyone else noticed that he has recently gained more size and muscles?

    Azmoun IMO along with Amiri were our best players. Azmoun was sure MOM

    Amiri is the team's workhorse. The guy runs the entire 90+ minutes, contributes to all lines. He is just amazing. Such a phenomenal stamina!

    The subs were quite effective and a game changer for sure. Especially subbing in Sayadmanesh propelled our attacking power and pressure. Lebanon consequently got where they could not and did not know how to stop us from attacking and eventually scoring 2 goals

    I think we should have started this match with rather 2 strikers.

    Ghaedi could have been useful in the last 10 minutes of the match

    Anyway a great win, especially given the circumstances of today's match. Congrats everyone!
    Hope Syria won't pull another 2018 WCQ against us in our return match!
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    Our players still have not learned their lesson from the AC 19.

    Do not stop playing until you have heard the freakin whistle.

    Also Beiranvand definitely needs to be benched for the Syria game. His judgement lately really stinks and almost cost us the game.

    And Lebanon is now officially the dirtiest team in Asia, if not the world, by their shameless time wasting and faked injuries.

    They got what they deserved.

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    biravand d
    shoja c
    kanani b
    moharami c
    amiri a
    ahmadnoor b
    saeed c+
    saman d
    golizadeh c-
    jb c
    azmoun b

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    I don't know if we really had any outstanding individual players/performance today (maybe aside from Amiri?), but what we had was an outstanding team in terms of teamwork, a don't-give up-mentality and work rate. We dominated against a weak team, but couldn't create too many scoring opportunities- that was the weak side of our game. Overall though, well done to the team and the coaching staff.
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    i give a 10 to azmoun with that sick poke finish in with the pressure of 92 minute over him.. he did that ice cold move and just poked the ball.. woow!
    amiri gets an 8 for good performance
    ezza gets a 7 for great ball distrubution and good play in midfield.
    gholi gets 3, saman 3. beira 4.5 (still my number one, dude can have one less good game fore sure..)
    the rest gets avarage ratings

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    Amiri motm

    Amiri 10
    This guy is good very game I don’t recall him having a bad game. but sometimes he is amazing amiri always hustles and runs nonstop. He saved us from beiranvands 2nd blunder. Vahid doesn’t get enough credit and is very underrated. He is one of my favorite players
    Beiranvand 0 he wasn’t tested but behaved as if the arabs paid him to let them score. Worst game from him
    AFC -10 for allowing an arab to officiate another arab country
    Stupid arab ref -10 4 yellows for Iran seriously? Only deserved yellow was sadegh moharrami.
    Lebanon team -100 terrible pitch. So much time wasting.
    Sardar 8 great shot with power unlucky it was right at the keeper. Great goal. He worked hard but was alone. Did his best and got us the goal. Encouraged team to get another which they did
    Ezatollahi 7.5 he messed up the header otherwise great game. Yes he is slow but you can’t fault him for that. If speed was easy to acquire we would all be running at 100m sprints at olympics
    Saman 5 disappointing gae from him
    Jb 6 ok game. Nothing that stood out really
    Gholizade 5 he tried but lacked concentration his passes weren’t accurate his shots weren’t either had many turnovers. Please don’t comapare him to shojaei. Shojaei was an amzing passer and much better at passing his defenders. Only similarity is turnovers which gholizade turned the ball over more times this game than masoud did in his tm career.
    Sadegh 5 He has been poor last few games. Ramin rezaian was much better also voria but they are also older.
    Ahmad nour great goal Id have to watch the game again to rate him. Either he was good and did his job and I didn’t notice or he was invisible.
    Kanani 7
    Shoja 7 did their job
    Allahyar 6 got his pt and tried to make a difference with his technical ability but wasn’t able to make much of an impact.
    Milad 6 ok game from him
    Karim not in long enough
    Skocic 4 not inviting taremi and talking smack about iranian tactical weakness. Horrible tactics just like korea game. In korea game he made the right changes in 2nd half. In this game other than milad at lb and moving amiri up his other subs were confusing. He took out our best midfielders and brought in karim and allahyar. Maybe ezatt was tired? Maybe JB was tired. Gholizade was poor maybe keep ezatt jb or ghodoos in and take out gholi or ahmad noor

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