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Thread: Iran vs South Korea post match discussion and player ratings

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    why doesnt ghoddos play?i think is a personal thing the coach and karim bagheri and hashemian dont play him on purpose

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehsan singapore View Post
    why doesnt ghoddos play?i think is a personal thing the coach and karim bagheri and hashemian dont play him on purpose
    He has barely played this season with Brentford (86 minutes total), and he was rarely used under Carlos, and now Skocic. I don't know the reason, but it can't be a coincidence.I don't understand because the times he has been on, he has done well for the most part, it is so confusing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mahestan View Post
    We need PAG back. In addition, I don't understand why Majid Hosseini, Pejman Montazeri and the rest of the defensive line from WC2018 hasn't got any consideration of being called up.
    PAG tore his ACL. Who knows if he will ever be the same, let alone better than Shoja and Kaanani, who beat him out for three starting spot when he was healthy

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    I won’t provide ratings but provide some general comments.

    We tied our closest competitor and are first in our group. That in itself is a huge positive. Let’s be grateful considering how easy these things can go off track.

    Best players today were Ezatollahi (by far) and then Amiri.
    Physically they destroyed the Koreans, made excellent tackles and didn’t waste the ball often.
    Ezatollahi is a classic player and really reminds me of Bagheri. There is a reason CQ constantly invited him to TM even when he was barely playing for months in his clubs.

    Moharrami was really bad. Way too inconsistent. How can someone be so good and then bad in the next game ?
    The central defenders were also quite bad. JB had a really bad first half too.

    Some of you are asking why Ghodoos wasn’t bought in?
    It’s quite simple - Ghodoos is superior offensively compared to all our midfielders, but he does not have the defensive capabilities that Nourollahi has.
    With Nourollahi we basically play 2 DMs even though it doesn’t look like it. Nourollahi though is not a good player offensively so you all get pissed.
    Once Korea scored, TM really picked it up and was attacking constantly without giving much shape defensively.
    At that stage Skocic isn’t going to weaken the defensive capabilities of the team, when he believes the offense is going to get it done; he was right too - we should have 3 goals in the 2nd half at least.

    For those complaining this is a weak group - you can only play who is in front of you. These games are ridiculously hard mentally. We have seen TM f up before in easy groups. One game at a time, that’s all you can do.

    For those who saw our defense be challenged - what did you think was going to happen? We played a relatively open and attacking game - of course a team like South Korea will counter and challenge. They,re damn good at that, show some respect.

    For those who keep crying for Ghaedi - he’s not the player you think he is. 15 years ago we had annoying fans constantly asking for Kazemian, Mobali, Borhani, and Enayati… and they all messed up… Ghaedi isn’t much better - that’s right, I said it.
    I even think that nourollahi and Ghaedi won’t be in TM within 6 months - UAE is going to destroy their football like it has countless others.

    For those who want flawless football - it doesn’t exist. Go back to PlayStation.

    Now we need to prep for the next 2 games. Those games will be dirty and intense.
    Also a very good opportunity for Ghodoos to start.

    TLDR; calm yourselves, you’re running around like headless chicken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavian View Post
    if we had VAR (like many other nations in this world), the following would have triggered a review;

    1. Korean player tackle on Taremi in 18 yard - Looked like a foul and it was a penalty
    I thought I read in this forum? that we were going to have VAR by this game?

    Not having VAR could've cost us 3 points! this is beyond ridiculous.

    Korea got lucky, the result could've been much better but it doesn't change the fact that first half was very shaky and even boring. TM came alive after it fell behind.

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    Rb Its a problem
    all over iran league
    yeah today sk goal
    looked like moharami fault
    but when middle get split like
    that 2 center defenders
    and dmf is fault
    moharami ran with him
    to cover so since he was
    last man he takes the fault
    dont getme wrong
    moharami is weak for tm starter
    and teams plan attacks from
    his side
    but we all new our last 2 defenders
    are due for disaster
    shoja got lucky last game.

    shoja khalizad can play
    rb as he has that in his resume

    shija rb
    hssein majidi
    kanani center defenders
    heck dint matter
    since 6 pointsagaunst
    lebnon and syria
    my grand mother can play
    rb and we should win

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    With so many legionnaires making up TM nowadays, despite most of these players having played together for a while, we keep seeing confusion in our lines of communication, lots of miss-passes and loss of balls. These issues will continue come the game against Lebanon and Syria in November and then beyond. Fortunately given the calibre of these teams bar SK, we are expected to cope and triumph.

    It will be a different story when we eventually qualify and with the end May 2022 being the likely date for international domestic leagues to end, followed by a summer vacation and then start of the leagues in August followed by November being the start of Qatar 2022, TM must now and not then start organising some serious camps and European/South American and African friendlies for say July and early November. Easier said than done but a MUST.

    Player fatigue will definitely surface given the heavy toll above and Dragan must use the entire squad for games. We more and less keep seeing the same players making up the first 11. Hell, we are not even using our subs!

    Long Live 3 Rang'e Iran

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karimi 8 View Post
    He has barely played this season with Brentford (86 minutes total), a
    But how many minutes did hajsafi play this season? He was injured too. How how many minutes has sarlak played or even trained this season (0minutes)? Skocic in his interview said that IPL players are not fit to play but then he goes on and plays them! Something doesn't make sense.

    I feel like skocic doesn't know how to use players that are physically weaker for their posts. That includes ghaedi too. Saman is not a deffensive MD , ahmad noor is a DF MD and physically stronger. I think we all can agree that skocic loves ahmad and its all down to either use Ezza or saman!

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    A lot of overreactions, but I think 1-1 is a good result. Korean media was making it a big deal about how their team has not been able to score or get a result in Tehran, and I think that gave their team extra motivation. However, I was convinced Taremi’s shot was heading into the goal, so unlucky to hit the lost.

    I think that with the pressure of this match from both national media’s and fans, both coaches were determined not to lose. Both coaches see beating UAE/Iraq/Lebanon as the key to qualification.

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    There are a decent number of objective and quality posts this time. Reading this forum is definitely not a waste of time and in many cases educational. Regarding Sko, I think he has done a great job bringing us to this point and overall TM had a good performance especially in the second half plus the fact that a few centimeters in the right direction and we would have had a 3-1 win. I also agree that Sko showed certain limitations in risk taking today that could hurt in the long run when it comes to utilizing all of our talent at the World Cup. As others have said, he was conservative today by not utilizing Saman, Torabi, Ansarifard and Ghayedi (earlier). His cautiousness makes sense now, the question is whether he is capable of going to the next level and taking the risks to win and in the process create a cohesive team that could go further than the group stage in WC. Considering the fact that none of us predicted this kind of performance from him when he took the reins of TM, I would say he has it in him to become a world class coach. He needs to show in action that he is capable of creating a multidimensional team that has a variety of tactical offerings and could be unpredictable on the world stage.

    Go TM!

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