Taremi's red card may have been a blessing in disguise. here is why. Porto's defence last night was terrible. They were penetrated every time they were attacked. Their general MF Geranal Oliveira was not in his usual 100% and they missed Otavia badly in this game. They lost the ball by passing to Benfica players numerous times. On the other hand Benfica was fucking on fire. They probably played their most in form game last night. Every time they attacked the looked like they were going to score. By half time I predicted they would win 3-1. Porto was also very lucky not to concede two certain goals. Porto in general was not defending properly and had the concede one more goal they would have been even more vulnerable at the back. Being reduced to 10 men they had no option but to play defensive and be happy with 1-1. I am also happy with the way Taremi is playing. This is how he should play. He needs to learn a few tricks about how to slide and how to do what he tried to do last night so he does not get a red card. He clearly miss timed and miss judged it and went in with both feet. It was also clear that his intention was to disturb the ball.