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The last time anyone here called me for being negative was during the last AC games when I was typing my head off that we needed to sign a new contract with CQ ASAP or else he's gone.
Ebrahimi is a good player and he had a great WC (way above expectations) but I don't know why you even mention his name in the same sentence as Nekounam's. He can not even wipe Nekounam's shoes. During his whole career, only CQ could give him the "super power" he got during the WC. He may still be very good and useful under the new coach but he's not a safe bet to rely on at this age. Yes, Ezattollahi needs to get fit and in form again... he's not there yet. and he's the only player we have who could replace a player like Nekounam in that sense. Nourollahi and the rest are just good players. They're nothing special.
You can not go around waiting for a coach like CQ to come around and make super humans out of our average players. If we want to be on the safe side, it is important for Skocic (who's not yet proven as TM head coach) to start looking around for new young talents who could get experienced and hopefully progress into becoming "Nekounam-like" players.
Ps. Haji Safi's real position is LAM.
Ebrahimi can't even shine Nekounam's shoes? Come on now, you make it seem as if Nekounam was Pirlo and Ebrahimi is Tahami. Ebrahimi and Nekounam are different type of players with different qualities, both are outstanding players in Asia. And by Asian standards non of the TM players are average seeing how we belong to the best four football nations in Asia, talentwise.

Average players by Asian standards is what you can find in the Chinese national team or the Syrian national team. Below average would be Pakistan and Indonesia. Don't forget that are competing in Asia and to call TM players average by Asian standards is ridicolous and very wrong.

Hajsafi is pretty much useless going forward, he is however strong in his positioning play and reading the game and making short passes, he is not the type who dribbles and opens up space and gives assists so how can his real position be LAM? Why are you making things up to support your argument? Hajsafi is the type of midfielder who puts pressure on the opponents and runs tirelessly, his best position is as CDM and not LAM or left back though can he play there ofcourse.

Like i mentioned before we have four good CDM players in TM by Asian standars and hopefully good talent coming up, Wilmots is to blame for our current situation, just read Azmoun's interview regarding Wilmots clueless and horrible coaching, the man had zero knowledge regarding Iranian football, the coach of Mes Kerman or Sanat Naft would even have done a much better job. Any half decent coach should be able to lead TM to the sorld cup. So your arguments regarding Iranian players being weak in the CDM positions are false. Ebrahimi, Ezatolahi, Hajsafi and Nourollahi are all good players by Asian standards, the same goes for every other position were we have at least two quality players (again by Asian standards).