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Well the best or supposedly the best U23 are with U23 team so how Wilmots can invite them? This list is not old at all btw. Only Mazaheri is 30, Shiri is 28 and Ansari and Yazdani are 27. The rest are under 25-6. 12 players of 24 or under...

He did invite Allahyar , perhaps in the same manner others if he chose to.

Unlike CQ so far Wilmots has shown interest to be involved with youth teams. He has visited U16&19 now he will see u23.
During CQ Era, JB , Azmoon, Ezatollahi were selected by both U23 & TM but CQ was reluctant to released them for U23.
There is no indication that it's the same situation now since there has been talks between Taj & Wilmots in this subject.