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The same people complaining about his tattoos also complained when Sardar got his tattoos and were saying he doesn’t care about his career (I remember people nitpicking and complaining about his lack of language abilities in Russia) and that he’s gonna stagnate. Those same people are now eating crow and kissing Sardars ass while he’s wreaking havoc with Zenit and will continue to do so when Sardar performs in UCL.

Y’all know who you are
If you are talking about me. I never questioned Sardar abilities. In fact I mentioned few times that in level of talent he is our best ever striker in last 30 years

You give credit and critisize when is matter. Your level of expectation from Sardar is not the same as it is from Alipour or Mehrdad Mohammadi.
Sardar could have achieved much more if he was more professional. And I will repeat that even if one day he play for any big club.
The guy was 18 when he moved to Europe, and had all necessary tools(talent, family support, etc).

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