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Indeed, this was one of the matches which cemented Karimi's talents in our minds "He can do this against the best club sides". At the time I kept watching the clip of him scything through the Roma players. It was the same thing as he did against Ireland three years prior, and also the same year 2004 against Germany. I thought with all sincerity: "This is one of the most talented footballers in the world"

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In retrospect though, it's hard to discount that this was a friendly. The Roma players were hardly going to bust their arses closing him down. Look at them and how they back down so easily, in the context of a friendly his amazing skill maybe wasn't as special as I/we thought at the time.

Karimi is still a very special player in Iran's history, just not quite the player we thought he was, or could be. Just my humble opinion
Yeah I 100% agree with all of that. Karimi should have moved to Europe when Atletico Madrid wanted him, but he waited till his late 20's to go to bayern, and just didn't seem professional / motivated enough to go to new heights in Europe.

What a shame, considering he really was one of the most talented players in the world with the ball at the time. He unfortunately didn't take full advantage of the gifts he had.