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    100 Games under CQ/ Full Stats and statistical breakdown

    I have been meaning to put together a statistical breakdown of games under CQ and to put to rest a lot of the nonsense that has been spoken about Iran and the progress it underwent under this coach. In this analysis I have broken down the 100 games under a number of categories such as:

    1. World cup Qualifiers (34 games played)
    2. World cup Games (6 games played)
    3. Asian Cup Qualifiers (6 games played)
    4. Asian Cup (10 games played)
    5. WAFF championship (3 games played)
    6. Friendlies (41 games played)

    Total: 100 games played

    Now the 3 main categories that can be looked at will fall under the following:
    1. Total Games (Includes all games played friendly/official)
    2. Total games without friendlies (All games played including WC and excluding friendlies)
    3. Total games W/O friendlies against Asian teams ( All games against Asian teams excluding friendlies)

    In my opinion friendlies are just for practice and in order to really know how well Iran performed we need to look at them when it really counted. Now here are the numbers:


    Total games played under CQ was 100. In which Iran won 60 times, had 27 draws, and 13 losses. Pretty straight forward as where Iran had a 60% win, 27% draw and 13% loss ratio in these 100 games.
    A very good record overall considering that Iran did not lose in 87% of her matches. Plus a 60% winning ratio is a solid one in football.


    This category includes all games played under CQ minus the friendly games. So it has all qualifiers and cups included in there. In this category Iran played a total of 59 games. In these games Iran won 36 times, had 17 draws, and 6 losses. 3 of Iran’s losses came in the World Cup (Argentina, Bosnia, and Spain) and 3 losses against Asian opposition (Lebanon, Uzbekistan, and Japan). There will be more info on the Asian team losses in the next section.

    Looking at this section and the 59 games played against all opponents Iran had a 61% winning record, 29% draw record, and 10% loss record.

    Iran technically Win/Draw 90% of her games under CQ when it came to official competition. Keep in mind 3 of the 6 losses happened in the World Cup so the record is even more impressive once the World Cup is taken out of the equation.


    This category includes all games played against Asian opposition and not taking into account friendlies. For me this is the true essence of the Iranian team and if you really want to compare them to other Asian teams and how Iran performed overall with progress this is the part that sets Iran apart from all others.

    When it came to Asian teams Iran played them a total of 53 times in which Iran won 35 times, had 15 draws, and lost 3 times. This gives Iran a 66% winning record, 28% draw record, and 6% loss record. Overall Iran won 2/3 of all her games when it came to Asian opposition. The total Win/Draw is at an IMPRESSIVE 94% and 6% losses.

    Iran’s 3 losses. In the qualifiers of 2014 world cup Iran lost to Lebanon in Beirut and then Uzbekistan in Tehran. These games took place in 2012 and Iran lost to Uzbekistan in November of 2012. From November 2012 Iran did not lose again against an Asian opposition until Japan in January of 2019. Iran went an impressive 6 years and 2 months before losing to an Asian Team. This record of not losing in 94% of your games and winning 66% of them is truly impressive and testament to why Iran is the top Asian team in all these years.

    At the end I’d like to say Iran had an impressive record under CQ which I highly doubt can be ever repeated again. I don’t even think there are any other teams in the world that had such good results if you look at them in span of 8 years and the totality of the games played. This is something we should all be proud of and be happy that were a part of. Someone said in the other post that CQ planted love in our hearts and this love goes with him wherever he goes. I’d like to second that as this man fought for Iran and Iranian integrity much more than all those running Iran.

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