IMO we should not even participate in the Asian Cup 2019 due to many reasons such as:

1. Very difficult to get a decent kit manufacturer because of sanctions

2. Lack of motivation. (Ex. Gucci retired. Azmoun temporarily retired. I followed Iranian newspapers in last a few months and several players such as Ebrahimi, Amiri, Montazeri, Shojaei, etc are thinking about retirement as well)

3. The training field of the national team is not ready yet.

4. CQ did not sign any contract yet. If he leave, I think we should bring another foreign coach with less money.

5. Nothing miracle will happen in next 4 months. So It is better to not participate or send combination of B team and U23 team and start focusing on next World Cup Qualifiers now. Do not forget that Asian Cup is not a place for us to earn respect. For us, the best place to earn respect is World Cup. So World Cup Qualifiers 2022 is a lot more important than Asian Cup 2019 for me.

Due to the reasons I mentioned, It is possible for us to not have a good Asian Cup which may impact on our WCQs 2022 negatively. So It may be better for us to shift the attention to the WCQs 2022 now and sacrifice the Asian Cup 2019 for it.

What do you guys think now?