Just read on Persianfootball that CQ warns for the preparation of the team melli.
It is good we havee playing Russia and Togo but we need to listen and follow CQ plans.
It is our 5th World Cup now and what we learn for the last 4 is that we go to World Cup and have no good preparation.
I know iranians and the character they want to spent no money for team melli is my worried. I believe we must start from now and make plans and preparation the team. Like South Korea did it before World Cup 2002 and they become in the semi-finales of the World Cup. I'm afraid that we will see the World Cup group stage after 3 matches I hope I am wrong, but it seems that IFF and nobody there want to take responsibility! CQ is here to help us has be said that Germany chace 55 years and Portugal change 40 years. What you think?

“Iran must invest to avoid World Cup disappointment”: Carlos Queiroz
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If I was CQ I would demand either you make good pland till 1 december or I leave. We must preparation till june 2018. Look 2006 team we had only 1 or 2 games against amateurs of Switzerland "we must be ashamed of us"