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Thread: how come the SAUDI's yet AGAIN were allowed to play their last match after everyone?

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    i also spread that in afc site in instagram, and criticizes this again and agian, and i also point that our before the draw of final stage, that we should take action against this, if we are grouped with saudis.

    Saudis are clever. They always play their match at home at the last possible time, they always have the results of other teams before starting their game, not only on last matchday, but also on other matchdays playing at home. This is cleverness by their federation and tactical very good. I do not know why IFF do not use this same strategy, we could play our matches all at 21:30 or 22:00 Tehran time, but we sometimes play at 19,18,17 tehran time, which is our own fault, as we can organize time of the kick-off.

    But on the last matchday(s) it is always the same. Every Qualification ,the last matchday, or the second last matchday at least, is in summer time. and it is always the same, like the time now. And Saudis say, they are western asian team, and hot wheater in this time of the year, combined with the time zone, makes it unpossible to play the game before 21 local time. and if you watched the game, you saw that they had 4 or more drinking water breaks. They regain energy in this wheater, more than their oponents, because they are also familar with their own wheater.

    All in all, saudis and federation are clever, and use the time-zone problem and wheater for their own, something which we can not do unfortunatley.

    It is very unfair, AFC should make the matchplan for the last matchday, and also if possible for the second last matchday in the same region of asia. For example, Japan playing at home vs. saudis last matchday and australia vs. thailand would be perfect. Same for other group. Last matchday one group should play in far east asia, and the other group at west asia, so that the regional time zones could be used.

    But i have respect for their tactical usage of the time zone and wheaster, they use this as an advantage, and also their money and more, but nobody can say that this is wrong.

    Also credit for their football. Their football did improve a lot, and they played great football in this stage, and qualified with style and earned qualification anyway more than aussies. we must accept the fact that saudis are dangerous again, and i see them very strong (enough) to beat iran. we must say the truth.

    Saudi players are faster and more agile and athletic as our team, while our team is tactical, physical better. technical probably our team is a little bit better. but i followed saudi matches. deadly attacks they can drive.

    To be honest, last matchday, the fans even behave far better as us iranian fans, vaghan stadium moghayezeh mikardi wa tamashachi, they really improved in total..
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    Two students had identical answers on a test . one question ended with 2/(1/2) =1
    When asked one of them about this, She replied: Sir this is coincidene. Saudis having last game at home and after all other games are finished is coincidence.... lol

    I said it before anyone else talked about japan saudi game. The japanese gave them free space to run. They did not care to even position themselves properly on the field. no fights, no arguments , no severe fouls. Besides remember saudis bombard and shower their guests no matter what job or profession the guests have and they can afford it. That is the problem.

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