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Man up dude. This is our tradition and if you can not watch a sheep getting slaughtered how can you protect your family in times of need specially in a chaotic region in Middle East? Our men need to get rough some times. Our lads in western countries have got soften so much these days that they can not survive on their own in middle east. That is how our new generation should be and not some weak heart insta lovers who are up until 4 am and sleep till 12.

Anyway, this is supposed to bring good luck and provide the team with a nice fresh meal better than junk foods! Our team should be physically and psychologically strong. There was a time when Ali Daei used to play for NT with bondaged head till the end. Our players had gheyrat and fighting spirit not like Azmoun who had cramps after half time! We need strong players like Ezatollahi. That's how we rule in Asia and can compete with physically strong African and European teams.