i have one question, if every Iranian professional player would donate 10,100,1000 Euro masalan......would it be enough? ir if parents of children would donate for their own kids? you know that a lot of parents must pay enough for their kids to be in a football club, it is not just free. so i doubt they are "poor" masalan...dont bring this argument.
i think you should not ask here for donation, but the recent football players. go and ask them. Footballers help Footballers.mage cheghadr lazem hast ke kar rah biote? i am sure ONE Footballer himself, can help and send them to Sweden masalan.

i think it is the wrong way to ask football fans in pfdc for money, i think people which have, and they are not less (sponsors, football players, federation,...) they have all , why they don't help, but we must or should pay for it? c´mon it is somehow ironic. and don't get me wrong, donation is always good if it really reaches the right "work or thing" but i am skeptical about this, not only because of this story, but all donation stories of the world..