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If AFC didn't allow foreign players we would win the champions league every year... The problem is these arab teams/east asian teams have higher budgets than us, they can get top players from abroad which make a huge difference. our best foreign players were juanuario, edinho etc. players that are not known anywhere in the world, these arab teams get players like xavi, raul, ronaldinho etc... for god sakes our teams can't even afford to pay our own players, che berese be bazikonaye mesle xavi
I think IPL clubs should be smart and try to attract some of the quality players that are playing to Qatar/UAE and know asia. That's sure every superstars players won't accept to come here, but quality players such as Asamoah Gyan, Niang or Lima could be targettable in near future. The same with the coaches. Ibrahim touré was one of them and went to Monaco after Iran/Qatar and was pretty successful.
A famous coach like CQ is happy in Iran since 4 years (and he came during a 100% sanction and AN circus period), loves persian foods (dixit Ando).
With the more positive image of Iran after the nuclear deal and I hope the economical revival, it could be doable to attract some quality coaches (Magath, Paul Leguen, Hervé Renard, Scolari, etc..)or players.
Some superstars came in Iran for a charity some weeks ago, I think they saw Iran isn't that bad.